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iHeart Radio Android Review

Everybody seems to have a different preference when it comes to their music listening. Some enjoy the shuffling style of Pandora, others prefer the complete control of Spotify. Cool kids try and listen to vinyl records. Somebody out there might still use Napster. Anyways, iHeartradio. What comes to mind when you hear the word iHeartradio? Outside of the iHeartradio festival when the singer from Green Day threw a fit and smashed his guitar. (ROCK-N-ROLL) For me, it’s a way to surf around the old fashioned radio without lugging around a boombox. Let’s take a look at what iHeartradio has to offer:



Plenty Of Stations

Something I really enjoyed was the sheer amount of channels available. Everything from local stations to stations from places I’ve never even heard of were there. Additionally, they let you follow any station that you like. That means if you liked the “Techno Country Punk Rock” channel, you can keep it in a list with the rest of your favorites.



Artists Stations

Something I liked about iHeartRadio’s offerings is that it goes beyond simple “digital radio”. There was also a large number of Pandora-like artist radio stations. Big fan of blink-182? You can listen to a specialized station. Love Elle King? Listen to her and similar artists on her station. Are you a bigger fan of Van Halen with Sammy Hagar as the singer? Then you’re wrong.



The Price Is Right

Unlike Spotify, Google Play Music, and most things in life, iHeartRadio is completely free. No need for a subscription, just hop right in and start listening. I must say, this is very refreshing. Unlike other streaming apps that constantly pop up saying “SUBSCRIBE TO US NOW OR YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH A TWO HOUR TOOTHPASTE INFOMERCIAL”, iHeartRadio does not try and force your wallet open.



A Little Bit Of Life

While it doesn’t let you pick all your own songs like many streaming services, iHeartRadio does have something others do not: real, actual people. While the only DJ’s on Pandora are robots (I assume) many of the standard stations on iHeartradio will have real people talking, whether the station is news, entertainment, or even music. Sometimes it’s nice to have a personal touch when you’re trying to ignore the people around you with your headphones on.



Give It A Shot

The iHeartRadio app for Android definitely has a lot more charm to it than many other streaming services. Real DJs, plenty of channels, and that old timey radio charm make this an interesting competitor amongst the many apps available. Plus, it’s free. Your wallet is safe at last.

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