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Ink Mania Android Review

I’ve seen a lot of Manias in my day. PokeMania. FacebookMania. BeatleMania. OK, I wasn’t alive for that one yet, but from what I understand it was pretty good. Well today we’re taking a look at a new kind of mania. Ink mania. Does this mean I’m talking about a huge spike in sales of printer ink cartridges recently? No. Not at all. This is an app review. I should have made that more clear. So let’s take a look at Ink Mania for Android devices.



The Basics

When you hear the title Ink Mania, you’d probably think this was a game where you play as an octopus, using your ink to battle off incoming robots designed by evil printer companies sent to steal your ink and sell it at a low price? Well, first off, that would be an awesome game. I’m getting that copyrighted right now. No, this game is about ink cartridges. And conveyer belts. And shooting multi colored ink that I thought was blood at first until I remembered the title of the game was Ink Mania. It’s a long story.



The Gameplay

Ink Mania is kind of like a tower defense game, but in a more arcade style. You see, there are a few conveyer belts in front of you that are carrying small empty cartridges (or evil robots. Either way.) your way. You must switch from conveyor to conveyor and shoot them, making sure that none get too close to you. And if they do get close to you? They will take your wallet and online shop while you watch, using all of your hard earned money to buy things right in front of you. Oh the humanity! Actually, you just get a Game Over. Which isn’t nearly as dramatic.



Is It Fun?

Ink Mania is one of those games that makes for a fun arcade-like experience. In other words, the reason you’ll be booting it up is more to see if you can get a higher score and less to experience an adventure. While that may be fun for a while, it doesn’t mean you’ll be spending all that much time with Ink Mania. You may play through a few times for fun, but ultimately may get tired of it and move on to other apps.



The Bottom Line

Ink Mania offers a fun experience that may not keep you hooked for too long. While the gameplay is fun and a bit addictive, there simply aren’t enough elements to keep you coming back. Unless you are a ink-related game enthusiast. Then go for it.

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