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Level Editor Android Review

Level editing has been a pretty popular feature in many games. One of my fondest memories was trying to create my own epically complex levels in Super Smash Bros… only to find out I wasn’t very good at it. In fact, a very popular game based mainly on level editing, Super Mario Maker, was released recently. I’ve worked very hard on creating some crazy Super Mario adventures… only to realize I’m not very good at it. The point is, level editing is a thing. And the name of the game I’m reviewing is called Level Editor. So let’s talk about it.



The Basics

When I first downloaded Level Editor for Android, I thought it would be, as the name implies, a level editor. I figured you could create levels to traverse and share with others, showing off your personal level editing prowess with others. Well, I was a bit wrong. You see, Level Editor is more like a platformer mixed with a level editor mixed with a puzzle game mixed with stick figures. Doesn’t make sense? Don’t worry, I’ve still got some time to explain.



The Gameplay

Like I said, Level Editor mixes quite a few different genres together. From just looking at it, you can tell the platforming part of it. Mainly because, y’know, there’s platforms. But there’s also a great mix of quick thinking puzzles and level editing. You see, you’re able to add a platform where it usually isn’t to block an enemy or avoid spikes. This makes it much more interactive than your basic platformer.



Is It Fun?

Level Editor really surprised me with how fun it was. Not just fun, but also challenging and innovative. I’ve also got plenty of other adjectives I can’t think of right now. Not only does the game perfectly blend a number of different styles, it makes you think very fast. Which is not my strong suit. My only real problem with the game is its lack of personality. Every level has very similar backgrounds, and the character is a simple stick figure. Maybe adding some different types of levels like snow or jungle and make the main character a very fast blue hedgehog. Wait that’s been done before?!



The Bottom Line

Level Editor was a welcome surprise. Taking the best parts of many types of games and mixing them into a very delicious stew (sorry, I’m writing this while very hungry), the game makes for a memorable experience. This is one stew you should try.

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