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Missiles Android Review

First off, I must say it’s nice to be reviewing a game that’s so enthusiastic about itself. You won’t see many other games as blatantly excited about what’s going on as Missiles! I mean, I don’t remember downloading Angry Birds! or Bejeweled! I suppose it’s better than a game that wasn’t sure of itself. If it was called Missiles? it just sounds like a game that’s not entirely sure if it’s about missiles or not. I’m getting a bit off track here. Let’s take a look at Missiles! for Android devices.



The Basics

First off, let’s take a look at the graphics of Missiles! Everything has a very simple appearance that really works with the theme of the game. It’s got the clean, cartoony graphics that have become very popular for these types of arcade mobile games. As for the music of the game, well..there is none. Unless you consider the sound of revving engines to be music. Is that a new musical genre that’s hip with the kids these days?



The Gameplay

Much like the graphics and “music” of Missiles, the gameplay is kept very simple. Your entire mission is to collect various stars scattered throughout the sky while avoiding missiles heading towards you. And that’s pretty much it. Well, the missiles do go at different speeds, meaning you’ll have to do a lot of loop de loops and quick piloting to avoid them. And, yeah, that’s pretty much it.



Is It Fun?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a good time playing Missiles! The basic idea of the game is quite fun, and the controls were tight enough where I felt like I had a good amount of control. However, the main problem with the game became apparent fairly quickly. You see, while the basic gameplay has some good ideas, I found myself getting bored very quickly. Your only enemy is the missiles, the background never really changes, and there’s no music to help keep you engaged. It’s all the meat without the potatoes. Or is it all the potatoes without the meat?



The Bottom Line

Missiles! definitely has the basic parts of a good game. However, it only feels about half finished. The gameplay, while fun, lacks depth. The appearance, while eye-catching, looks bland after a while because not much is shown. With just a bit more work, Missiles! Could truly earn that exclamation point.

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