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My Coffee Shop Android Review

Are you looking to run your own coffee shop? Would you like to watch as cheap people purchase a simple cup of coffee so they can sit in your shop, using your internet and bathroom for hours? Ungrateful swine! Where was I? Oh yeah, coffee shops. My Coffee Shop for Android is a game in which you run your very own coffee shop. Does it live up to the real experience of owning a coffee shop? I’m not sure. I’ve never owned a coffee shop.



The Gameplay

My Coffee Shop gives you a first person view of your kitchen and customers. You watch as they come up to your counter, explain what they need, and slowly get less happy. Which is actually quite accurate when you think about it. You’ll start with only toast and coffee, and graduate to extras such as jam on toast and tea. And yes, you read that right, there were people that ordered their toast plain. Turns out this game is actually in some science fiction realm where people eat their toast with nothing on it.



The Positives

My Coffee Shop is very much a Diner Dash style game, in which you must keep up with increasingly speedy orders. Like other games in the genre, it can be pretty addictive, especially once the extra ingredients come in. However, it was a stern reminder of my days as a less-than-competent waiter. In other words, I made a lot of digital customers unhappy in this game.



The Negatives

However, there simply isn’t much memorable content put into the game. Sure, the gameplay can be a little addicting, but there’s no images in my mind that really stick out when thinking about the game. Maybe it just needs a simple twist to make it more memorable. Perhaps have the coffee shop set in a post-apocalyptic world where your only customers are zombies and if they aren’t fed on time they start eating you. Actually, I take that back. I’m going to sell that idea. Don’t steal it!



The Bottom Line

My Coffee Shop is about what you’d expect, a Diner Dash style game where you try and keep your customers from leaving hungry and uncaffeinated. While there is fun to be had, you’ll more than likely leave the experience without much memory of what you played. How to fix it? Like I said, throw some zombies in there. Easy fix for any game.

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