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My Virtual Pet Shop Android Review

We all love our pets. There’s nothing better than getting your first puppy, kitten, turtle, or pet rock. However, there is something we don’t always think about: maintaining our pets. Washing, brushing, cutting hair. Or is it fur? Anyways, have you ever wanted to play a game where you could partake in the least fun part of having a pet? No? Too bad, I’m reviewing My Virtual Pet Shop for Android.



What Is My Virtual Pet Shop?

Well, thank you for asking. My Virtual Pet Shop is a game where you wash and give haircuts (furcuts?) to dogs and cats to keep your customers happy. You’re on a bit of a time crunch, as the longer your pets are kept waiting, the unhappier they get. The less happy they are, the more likely their owner won’t pay you. The less they pay you, the less happy the economy is.



Is It Fun?

My Virtual Pet Shop was pretty fun and simple to start out. You drag cats and dogs from the counter to either the bath or salon chair, then drop them into the nursery area to be picked up. That’s pretty much as far as it goes. There are small tasks in between such as flicking off fleas and scrubbing the pets, but that’s about it. Also, is it just me, or are there almost no dogs in this town? Unless all the dogs… are turning to cats. (Que X-Files music)



How Would I Make It Better?

One thing that was really missing from My Virtual Pet Store is a sense of urgency. I had to try to wait too long just to see how the customer would react if I let their pet get too unhappy. Which was extremely tough to do because I never want to see a pet unhappy. It would be better if they threw in some roadblocks you had to circumvent, like a bath malfunctioning or the power going out or a small-scale alien invasion where they threaten to enslave us to work in their aluminum foil mines. Something like that.



The Bottom Line

My Virtual Pet Shop is by no means a bad Android game. It’s charming, adorable, and has a fun basic idea. It just needs a slight difficulty tweak so people don’t get bored too quickly. They shouldn’t oversimplify the process of cleaning up animals. Have you ever actually tried to give a dog a bath? It’s the most difficult thing I’ve had to do, outside of finding a good way to end this paragraph.

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