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New Blackberry Phone Runs On Android

Do you remember Blackberry? The phone brand that used to be our leader into the future of spending way too much time on our phones? In fact, you still see the phone referenced every once in while in TV shows of the 2000s, before the iPhone began, you know, taking over the world. Well, the keyboard-using smartphone brand is coming out with a brand new phone, running on Android technology. Which is kind of like when Sega lost the console wars and began developing videogames for other companies. What, that’s not common knowledge? Fine. Let’s take a look at the upcoming release by Blackberry.



What Is The New Phone?

The new phone will be called the Blackberry DTEK50. I’m not sure what that stands for, but I’ll give it a guess. The Blackberry Daring Telephone Experience Kale. Because putting kale on anything makes it more popular. However, I’m not sure what the 50 means. Maybe it’s Blackberry’s 50th anniversary? Yeah, let’s just go with that.



What Are Its Features?

Not too much is known about the DTEK50 so far outside of its appearance and use of Android technology. However, one major selling point for Blackberry is the advanced security of the phone, something the company has prided itself on. And, in these time of needing extremely complex passwords you have to change every three hours, I’d say that’s pretty important.



Should You Get It?

If you are an Android user looking to try out something a bit different, you may want to keep an eye on the DTEK50. Because security is such an important feature these days, the DTEK50 may be able to draw some attention from former Blackberry users and new fans alike. While it's only been announced for certain countries, it’s worth seeing if the phone’s possible success will translate into expansion.

Source: BlackBerry unveils new $299 Android phone

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