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Nomie Android Review

Nomie Android Review

There are so many things we can do with applications these days. We can now answer any possible question we have, organize our entire lives, and even manage our work schedules all from our mobile devices. And watch Netflix. That may be the most important part. However, there are many things applications can do that we have never even thought of before. Such is the case with today’s app. Which is called Nomie. It’s for Android devices.


What Is Nomie?

Nomie is kind of a “mood calendar”. Or is it more of a “mood calculator”? Or even a “mood tracker”. Or maybe none of those things. Or all of those things. Where am I going with this again? The app allow you to track different things you do and whether those things are positive or negative. Additionally, you're able to further track when you did those things throughout the day. That’s some next-level organization, huh?


How Is The App?

While it’s definitely not an idea I could have come up with, I believe Nomie to be a really interesting app. The concept alone is very original, and a great way to keep up with things like good deeds or even things you’re trying to do more or less of. Additionally, the app contains many colors and emojis for you to personalize the different activities, adding a great level of charm to the application.


The Bottom Line

Nomie is an app that’s very much worth giving a shot. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I believe it’s more than just your regular activity tracker. In fact, it’s kind of an emotional tracker more than anything, allowing you to see how different positive and negative things affect you throughout the day. I’d just better not put an option for “drank coffee”. I’d rather not know how many cups I have in a day.

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