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Painnt Android Review

Painnt Android Review

Let me just start out this review by saying that if you’ve got a problem with words that look like they’re misspelled, this might not be the review for you. Even I had to also give it a second look to make sure I wasn’t just reading the title wrong. Anyways, let’s take a look at Painnt for Android devices. The spelling is still throwing you off, isn’t it?


What Is Painnt?

Unlike Microsoft’s well-known application Paint, Painnt with two n’s is actually more of a photo filter app than a drawing application. So maybe that extra n stands for “not like the other Paint”? I’m just guessing here, people. Painnt allows you to take an image from your collection, camera, or even social media accounts and apply a number of different filters. And, as somebody that already overuses filters on pretty much every social media account, I’d say it could never hurt to throw a little extra filter on.


How Is The App?

While there are already plenty of different photo editing apps available, especially ones that deal primarily with filters, I enjoyed the many options presented by Painnt. While there were many general filters that give simplistic looks, there were also more creative additions such as crayon, which as you can imagine makes everything appear as though it was drawn in crayon. And crayons are my personal favorite writing tool. I’d write these reviews in crayon if I could.


The Bottom Line

Painnt for Android devices might not be everyone’s first choice for an editing app, but it definitely offers a robust amount of features. My only real issue with the app is how long it takes to preview your changes once you apply them. However, that might just show me that I need to be a bit more patient. Ehh, I’ll be more patient next year.

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