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Plants Vs. Zombies Review

The zombie apocalypse is coming. We’ve known about it for years, but we’ve still done nothing about it. However, it should be known that one game foretold the impending doom along with how to solve it. The one way to defeat zombies: vegetation. That’s right, your garden was the key to defeating the undead all along. At least this is what was foretold in the wonderfully addictive game Plants vs Zombies. While the game originally came out over five years ago, it is available on Android devices and still popular. Does the game still hold up? Let me answer you now. Does a zombie eat brains?



The Basics

Besides being a blueprint for surviving the future, Plants vs Zombies is also a thinking man’s game. Using your plants, you must plan ahead on the best strategies to use. Do you use walnuts to block out the zombies? Do you plant plenty of sunflowers to get more sun power? Perhaps you prefer to stop a huge wave with a Cherry Bomb? OK, maybe I should explain a bit more in depth.



Basically, there is a slew of plants available to you that will help slow down and defeat the slowly advancing zombies. Each type needs a different amount of sun to plant, which you collect during the game. You start with only the Peashooter, which shoots peas at the zombies, and the Sunflower, which provides you with more sun. The more you play, the better weapons you get, such as the Potato Mine. (P.S. if you need a new band name, go with Potato Mine.)



Extremely Addictive

Plants vs Zombies is very difficult to put down. Once you begin your war against the undead, you will never want to stop planting, digging, and strategizing. While you need to think fast, the game is never a stressful experience. And nothing quite beats the experience of bowling over zombies with walnuts. I’m going to assume this is the only game where that’s possible.



Free and Fun

While it’s been years since the original release of Plants vs. Zombies, the game still holds up very well. It’s fun, it’s addictive, and (drumroll) it’s FREE! That’s right, the entire adventure is available free of charge. For fans of gardening, warfare, and zombies (AKA everybody) Plants Vs. Zombies is the perfect pastime. What excuse do you have for keeping Plants Vs. Zombies off of your phone? None. In fact, I’d argue it’s your duty to mankind to prepare if/when we need to battle the zombies. We’ll need all the help we can get.

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