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Pokemon TV Android Review

Pokemon TV Android Review

I’ve made it no secret in these reviews that I’m a huge fan of Pokemon. I grew up playing the games and watching the show, and nowadays I still play the games and…watch the show. OK so I haven’t grown up that much. I’m content with that. Well, while I haven’t changed that much, the world of technology has, especially in the world of streaming. And, speaking of Pokemon, they’ve released an app called Pokemon TV for you to watch some episodes on. Let’s take a look at the Android version.


What Is Pokemon TV?

Pokemon TV is an app for you to watch all kinds of Pokemon-related content. Originally, I assumed you could only watch the usual cartoon series. However, Pokemon TV also offers movies such as Pokemon 2000 and the Pokemon Origins special that was released in 2013. In other words, tons of video of cuddly creatures, awesome monsters, and excellent theme songs. Even if nothing beats the original theme.


How Is The App?

I must say, I was very impressed with the Pokemon TV app. It definitely exceeded my expectations when it comes to the content offered. Including some of the feature films and even some of the original episodes from my childhood, Pokemon TV is a great way to see how the show has progressed in almost twenty years on the air. Boy, that makes me feel old. Let’s move on.



The Bottom Line

I realize that Pokemon TV isn’t for everyone. In fact, if you’re not a Pokemon superfan like myself, you may not even want to download the app. However, with the massive popularity of Pokemon Go, there’s a lot of new fans who may want to take a look at what the world of Pokemon outside of the games is like. Also, it’s free. Which is always nice.

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