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Polaris Office Android Review

Have you ever gotten a new phone or computer and quickly stored plenty of new stuff on it, only to quickly run out of memory? And then you discover it’s because of pre-installed software on your device. And you say “HOW DARE THEY! THE NERVE! THE VERY – oh, you can just delete it? OK, cool.” However, today I decided to try out one of the pre-downloaded apps instead of deleting them. Am I the first person to do that? Probably, yes. So allow me to take a look at Polaris Office for Android devices.



What Is Polaris Office?

Like I said, Polaris Office was one of those pre-downloaded apps on my phone when I got it. As you can probably gather from the name, the app is for productivity. You can create and edit documents, slides, and spreadsheets. Sound familiar? I know. Let’s talk about it.



Is It Any Good?

When I was trying out Polaris Office, I had one immediate thought. “How is this any different than Google Drive?” Especially considering Google Drive is already available on most Android phones, I was a bit baffled at first. And then I opened up the Drive app and understood immediately. You see, I had forgotten that in order to edit and create docs, slides, and spreadsheets on mobile devices, you have to download the individual apps. Which is pretty ironic considering that’s why I was saying people don’t like apps pre-installed on their phones. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a dictionary and make sure I used the word ironically correctly.



The Bottom Line

While originally I thought Polaris Office was a totally superfluous (see? I did look in the dictionary) app, it’s actually a nice easy-to-use app for quick editing. If you’re worried about downloading all the add-ons of Google Drive and simply need to do a few quick edits here and there, I definitely recommend Polaris Office. So far it’s one of the few preinstalled apps I’ve ever tried. Or is it?

Yes, it is.

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