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Recipe Book Android Review

Recipe Book Android Review

To be totally honest, I don’t really know how to cook. I’ve tried as many as three times, but to no avail. It’s just so much easier to order a pizza. And, frankly, more delicious than anything I could ever make. However, perhaps I was just never taught how to do it correctly. Maybe all I need is some kind of…phone application. Yes, that could be the ticket! Well, it just so happens that we’re looking at an app called Recipe Book for Android devices today. What a coincidence! Let’s take a look at Recipe Book.


What Is Recipe Book?

Recipe Book is a collection of assorted recipes for a variety of different meals. And when I say assorted, I mean assorted. I saw everything from barbecue to whatever summer salads are. Heck, it says they have over 11,000 recipes for soup. Perhaps I was so surprised because the only soups I ever really have are chicken noodle and ramen.


How Do You Use It?

Recipe Book works pretty much how you’d expect a digital recipe book to work. You can scroll around the many different types to find the perfect meal for the day. Or, if you know exactly what you’re trying to cook, you can always look it up in the search bar. Which, unbeknownst to most people, is not in usual cookbooks. I know, I was surprised to learn that as well.


Should You Get It?

While the most complex thing I know how to make is a peanut butter sandwich (I haven’t quite gotten to peanut butter and jelly yet), I can understand why people would like Recipe Book. There are more recipes than I even knew existed on this planet. Additionally, it’s very easy to use, meaning you could keep cooking nonstop. Just remember to invite me over. I’m very hungry.

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