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TED Android Review

TED Android Review

If you’ve spent as much time on the web as I have the past few years (or any time on the web really), you’ve undoubtedly seen the popular videos known as TED talks. The talks, which cover a wide variety of subjects, are all about spreading ideas. Which is pretty neat. Even if, when it comes to online content, I personally prefer those videos of the cats riding the little vacuum robots. Those are pretty sweet. Anyways, where was I going with this? Ah, yes, TED talks. Let’s take a look at the TED app for Android devices.


What Is TED?

TED is an app that gives you a sort of main hub for TED talks. And, trust me, there’s a lot of them. You can pretty easily jump around the app and see the variety of talks on numerous subjects. Additionally, you can choose to download them to your device or even just listen if you don’t feel like watching the video.


How Is The App?

I must say, I really enjoy the TED Android app. Everything is very well put together, making for an easy-to-use TED talk experience. In addition to scrolling around or searching for something you’re interested in, it’s possible to simply tap the suggested tags, such as “Funny”, Persuasive” or even “Jaw-dropping”. Which is a pretty funny word now that I think about it. I mean, have you ever seen anyone’s jaw drop outside of a cartoon?


The Bottom Line

TED talks are pretty interesting I must say. There’s lots of different points of view and intriguing topics covered in the short videos. And this is about as good as an app presenting such videos can be. The layout is easy to use, you can choose to watch, listen, or download, and you’ll look really smart if you have it on your phone. Which is nice.



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