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Textgram Android Review

Textgram Android Review

Over the past few years, photo editing has become much more vital. Photo-based apps such as Instagram have given us all the insatiable desire to post photos – albeit after they’ve been given tons of filters and lighting changes. Not that I do that of course. Well, speaking of photo editing apps, let’s review one! After all, I already wrote this intro. Might as well write the rest of the review.  Let’s take a look at Textgram for Android devices.


What Is Textgram?

When I first heard the name, I expected Textgram to be some kind of “word” version of Instagram. But I guess that’s just Twitter, isn’t it? Anyways, Textgram is actually more or less your basic photo editing application. However, unlike many photo editing apps, Textgram seems to put more focus on one single function: the ability to put text on your photos.


How Is The App?

Textgram is a pretty interesting case. While I was expecting an extremely stripped down and basic photo editor, I was actually treated to a pretty intuitive application. The text part, which I expected to be the most varied, provided plenty of font options. The ability to add everything from stickers to various filters made it a much more useful app than I imagined.


The Bottom Line

I must say that Textgram really exceeded my expectations. From the outside looking in, it seemed like a bit of a cheap ripoff of Instagram or really simple photo editor. However, there was actually a great amount of options available for the app. I found myself having a ton of fun playing around with all the different functions of the application. And, if you enjoy putting black and white filters on your photos to make them look edgy or adding as many stickers as possible to cute up a picture as much as I do, you’ll love this app.



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