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The OverDrive App – A Library In Your Pocket

Have you ever seen anybody on the bus reading a paperback book? You feel like you went through a time machine by accident. You would look to check a newspaper for today’s date if we still had newspapers.

Perhaps the reason some people haven’t ditched those papercut-giving former trees is because they haven’t discovered the joy of eBooks yet. And even if they have, they would prefer not to spend money. Well, I guess that’s everybody. However, as the great Hannah Montana once said, you can get the best of both worlds. And I’d like to think she was singing about the OverDrive app.



Easy Interface

One of the things that really stuck out to me was the interface. I thought the process of getting library eBooks would be even tougher than actually going to the library. (You mean I have to wear a clean shirt?!) Instead, it was delightfully easy. Before I knew it, I was off on my journeys to Hogwarts, Middle Earth, and the wonderful world of Goosebumps. I never want to grow up.



Don't Like Reading?

No problem! OverDrive lets you download available audiobooks the exact same way as regular eBooks. It allows a simple mp3 download that you can carry on the go, no data streaming needed. And ignore people if they look down on you for listening to audiobooks rather than reading them. We all know which way is better.

P.S. My personal audiobook recommendation: The Stephen Colbert books. Plenty of extra goodies added in that separate them from the actual books.




There are a couple limitations with the Overdrive app. You need a current library card in order to register your account and check out anything. However, this should be fairly simple if you have a library nearby. Or your parents already have a card. The only other speedbump is, much like a physical library, there are only so many copies you can rent. This means not everything you search for will be automatically available. I know the struggle – I had to wait a few weeks before finally being able to rent Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Don’t tell me I don’t understand suffering.

Enjoy Free Books On The Go

OverDrive is perfect Android app for anybody on-the-go or just lounging around the house. It’s simple, it’s free, and most importantly, you’ll look pretty smart having it on your device. It’s a great feeling to have all the benefits of the library without leaving the comfort of your own home. Or your pajamas.

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