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Top 6 things we want to see in Android Q


Android Q can be released anytime now. It has been almost 6 months since Android Pie was officially unveiled. So, we hope the release date of Android Q is around the corner. Android Pie brought a lot of new features to the table.

So, with the release of Android Q, we would like to see similar innovations from Google. In this post, we will share the top 6 things we are eager to see in Android Q.

So, let’s begin…


  • Improve the One-Handed Mode:

A lot of Android OEMs are actually offering one-handed modes on all of their Android phones. However, it is sad to say that the stock Android Pie (the latest Android version) lacks anything like this feature.

On top of that phones are getting bigger in size and shape. Thus it is becoming hard to reach for a certain part of the screen comfortably using only one hand. So, it seems a good idea to introduce the One-Handed Mode with Android Q. We actually can’t believe that this feature is yet to be added to the stock Android version. We hope Google does something to save us with bigger sized phones from a lot of hassle.


  • Revamp the entire UI:

Yes, it is easy to change the appearance of your android effortlessly. However, the stock Android UI has not changed so much for a long time. So, we would really love to see a complete overhaul of the User Interface. And the best thing would be if they bring it out with the next version of Android.


  • Improve the Gesture Navigation:

With the release of Android Pie, Google introduced gesture-based navigation. At first, the hype was real when it was first announced. But, in reality, when we have tried it for the first time, we were not amused.

Frankly, the idea behind this feature is not that bad. But the problem is that all of these gestures commands are confusing. So, it has become hard to get familiarize with all the different commands. So, we would be very happy to see any type of improvement regarding the gesture navigation feature in Android Q.


  • Bring the Dark Mode:

Nowadays, almost every app comes with a dark mode. It comes in handy at night or in low-light. So, whenever you are using an app of that sort, you can take advantage of that useful feature. The problem arises when you close the app. Because Android OS doesn’t have ‘Dark Mode’.

Truth be told, it is not a good decision from Google. Because the entire user base is waiting for this feature for a long time. There’s a piece of good news though. It is rumored that this time Google will bring the Dark Mode with the release of Android Q throughout the entire OS. We hope it’s true at least this time.


  • Add a built-in screen recorder:

Android has a built-in screenshot taker from the early days. But, after all these years, sadly, there’s still no built-in screen recorder in Android. On the other side, your phone might already come with a screen recorder out of the box. It totally depends on the brand and model of your phone.

But the stock Android OS doesn’t come with one. Although you can install any third-party screen recorder to your phone to solve the issue. Yet, it would be great if Google would add it to the next version of Android by default.


  • Better compatibility with Chrome OS:

Google launched a program named ‘Better Together’ for both Android and Chrome last year. It was brought out to make the experience of using Android and Chrome OS together fun. With the addition of ‘Better Together’, it is now very easy to sync between your Android phone and Chromebook. But, there’s still plenty to improve. So, we hope Google will make sure to make the relationship between its Android and Chrome OS better than ever with the release of Android Q.


Final Words:

Although Android currently lacks these features mentioned above, we would have to admit that still, Android is far ahead of its competitors. However, it is unquestionable that the above-mentioned features will make Android better than ever. So, we hope Google will listen to the user base and make these changes in Android Q.

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