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Top Motivational Quotes Android Review

One type of app I’ve long neglected in my reviews is quotes/picture applications. You know, the apps that guarantee funny pictures or inspirational sayings or motivational images of sandwiches. OK, that probably doesn’t exist just yet but it definitely should. (I could sure go for a motivational sandwich right now.) Well, I’ve decided to finally try one of these apps out, the Top Motivational Quotes app for Android devices. Did it motivate me enough to write an extremely high-quality article that you’ll want to tell all your friends about? Let's just say yes.



What Is Top Motivational Quotes?

The Top Motivational Quotes app for Android is, as you’d imagine, a collection of motivational quotes. The top motivational quotes, I assume. However, it’s not just a bunch of quotes by philosophers you’ve never heard from on a blank background in the same font. Most of the quotes will be in different styles and juxtaposed on different images. You can also easily download the images or make them your wallpaper. That way every time I unlock my phone to begin playing Angry Birds for an hour, I’ll be extra motivated.



Does It Have Other Features?

Interestingly, Top Motivational Quotes offers more than just, you know, the top motivational quotes. If you look at some of the different categories, you’ll see that there’s also other collections of images such as “Happy Birthday Pictures” and “Inspirational Art”. There’s a ton of different categories available, which I must say is a very nice touch.



Is It Worth Downloading?

If you’re in need of some quick inspiration, I’d give Top Motivational Quotes a look. If you’re not in need of inspiration, well, I’d still give the app a try. I must say was very impressed by the sheer volume of different categories. Which does make me wonder why this isn’t called “Top Motivational Quotes And Other Collections Of Images You Are More Than Welcome To Look At.” What, not catchy enough?

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