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TubiTV Android Review

TubiTV Android Review  

Remember the days of portable TVs where you’d have to lug around a little device with an antenna and try and watch TV in public? Well, things have changed quite a bit. You see, now we’re all technically carrying around portable televisions in our pockets that allow us to watch pretty much whatever we want. Especially with apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and… TubiTv? You haven’t heard of TubiTV? Well, let’s change that. Let’s take a look at TubiTV for Android devices.


What Is TubiTV?

TubiTV is a television and movie streaming app in the vein of Netflix. However, unlike some of the bigger names in streaming, TubiTV doesn’t require you to pay a subscription fee. That’s right, it’s absolutely free. And, on the internet, that’s most of our favorite words. Especially when it comes to free shipping. But that’s an article for another day.


How Is The App?

Overall, TubiTV has some pretty good functionality. It was pretty easy to find shows and movies and make a selection. However, unlike many streaming giants, TubiTV doesn’t exactly have the greatest selections. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some decent shows and movies available on the app. However, there’s not many big hits or exciting content. It just needs a bit more eye catching material in order to compete with the other big names in streaming. However, there was a horror movie about evil turkeys. So that earns some points in my book.


The Bottom Line

It’s a little difficult to criticize TubiTV for its lack of great content. Considering the price tag of, well, nothing, I don’t feel right saying they don’t have too much content to offer. However, I remember when I reviewed the Crackle app (which was also totally free) and they had some pretty decent offerings. TubiTV might just need a little time to grow and get some new shows and movies.

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