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Two Android Security Issues Solved

Two Android Security Issues Solved

Everybody wants security. Whether it’s a strong bike lock or a solid titanium fence around your house, we all want to make sure we’re safe. What, you don’t have a solid titanium fence? They’re all the rage right now. Regardless, security is important. But what about our phone’s security? Considering we have everything from our passwords to our credit card info on our smartphones, we should be concerned with the security of our devices. Well, it should come as good news for Android users that two major issues regarding security have been recently resolved. Let’s talk about them, shall we?


What’s Happening?

A recent update from Google has ensured that two major security risks have been fixed. The two threats could be potentially dangerous if somebody used them maliciously. In fact, one of the holes in security was technically developed by Google for the sake of research, but they decided to go ahead and fix it. I’d say that’s a pretty good choice.


What Does This Mean?

While it’s definitely frightening that these threats existed, it’s good to know that Google is on top of it and fixed the potential risks. In addition, the company has made further steps toward mobile security with recent changes to Google Play. The company has begun to eliminate apps that are known to contain dangerous malware. So fear not when you enter the Google Play Store for a shopping spree. It’s a safer place now.


The Bottom Line

As I said, it’s good to know that Google is working to make sure security threats are lowered. While I wish we lived in a world where everyone had as much hacking knowledge as me (none), the fact is that there are mobile threats out there. You simply use your phone as a hero and try not to get hacked by a villain. Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Batman lately.



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