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Vevo Android Review

Vevo Android Review

I’ve always been quite a fan of music videos. There’s something that’s always so interesting about seeing a visual addition to your music listening experience. While this used to be a feature only seen on television, music videos have grown to be more of an online experience, with on-demand music videos readily available. And, the past few years, Vevo has made their name as a major distributor of these music videos. Let’s take a look at the dedicated Vevo app for Android devices.


What Is Vevo?

My earliest memories of Vevo were in the earlier days of YouTube, when I would watch tons of music videos. However, suddenly various musician music video channels had the name “Vevo” added onto them. And started adding ads before the video. Well, as you can imagine, this was a bit tough for some people to deal with, and they made this very apparent in the comments section. But don’t worry, it’s the only time that a comments section has ever been angry. Well, frankly I didn’t mind it, and Vevo has lived on, releasing their very own dedicated music video app.


How Is The App?

Vevo is actually a pretty well-designed app. The entire look of the application is very approachable, and is actually one of the better designs I’ve seen for a video-streaming app. You can simply search around for any artist or song you’d like to see or check out the suggested songs. But there’s the only problem with the app: you can pretty much already do all of that with the YouTube app. Plus watch millions and millions of cat videos.


The Bottom Line

Vevo is not a bad app by any means. I really enjoy the basic design of the application and it does offer a more focused music video experience. However, there’s simply not much that makes it different from the main YouTube app. And, like I said, there’s no cat videos. Trust me, I looked.


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