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What To Draw? Android Review

What To Draw? Android Review

If I can be totally honest, I am no artist. Sure, I know an instrument or two and can write the occasional smart sounding word (like testudinal), but drawing is a skill that has always evaded me. Perhaps I just never had the right art teacher. Or maybe it’s because I never tried that hard at it. Or perhaps it’s just that I never knew what to draw. Say, what a coincidence! That’s the name of the app we’re looking at today. Let’s check out What To Draw? for Android devices.


What Is What To Draw?

The best way to describe What To Draw? would be an “inspiration” app. You see, the app uses a sort of random word generator to create different themes and scenes for you to draw. For example, it may tell you to draw a lizardman ranger wearing a magical amulet threatening a barbarian. Which is one I actually got. If that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is.


How Is It?

Let me begin by saying this app has a really cool-looking interface. The different art pieces for sections such as Western and Terror not only get you in the mood for such themes, they get art on your mind. Beyond that, What To Draw? Is just great for when you need a creativity spark. The app seems to have a great collection of different phrases and sayings, each more unique than the last.


The Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re looking for a little inspiration and are feeling artistic, What To Draw? is just what you need. However, What To Draw? can do more than just tell you what to draw (what a confusing sentence), it can inspire short stories, books, and even movies. So look out for my new novel coming next year:  The Lizardman Vs. The Barbarian: Revengeanceing Part 1.

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