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  • iPhone 7 Is Coming!

    iPhone 7 Is Coming!

    It’s official. The day has come. The day the ancients prophesied: the dawn of the iPhone 7. And 7 Plus. What could this mean? Is the world of mobile technology about to be totally turned on its head, leading to a total revolution? Nahh, probably not. But it should still be pretty neat. Now that the new tech has been announced, what’s the good, the bad, and the shiny of the iPhone 7? Let’s take a look.


    What’s Happening?

    As I made reference to in the title, the opening paragraph, and that huge billboard I rented, the iPhone 7 is on its way with lots of new features. First of all, it’s water resistant. And, as someone that has dropped their phone in everything from toilets to pools, I’d say that’s a blessing. Additionally, the phone now contains multiple cameras for zooming and is the first model to get rid of that useless headphone jack. I mean, who actually uses that anyways?



    That’s right, there will no longer be a headphone jack. Does this mean no more putting in your music so you don’t have to listen to the awful sound of silence? Not exactly. You see, you have to use the specialized wireless earbuds that go with the model. Hmm, it’s almost as if Apple stands to make more money with that…


    The Bottom Line

    So, once again, we get a brand new iPhone model that people will complain about but ultimately buy. There’s definitely some good stuff, such as the water resistance and multiple camera options for enhanced photography. However, the lack of a headphone jack will definitely be a pain for anyone that only likes buying cheap headphones. Not that I’m speaking for experience or anything.


  • myREWARDS are HERE!

    myREWARDSWe've been busy little bee's at mySCREEN working on a little secret undercover project - myREWARDS.

    myREWARDS is our way of saying thanking for choosing mySCREEN - and showing you our appreciation by giving something back.

    Here are just a few of the exciting REWARDS you can earn by simply choosing mySCREEN:

    • $5 off your next purchase just for signing up and completing your profile!
    • 1 point for every dollar you spend at myscreen which goes towards fabulous discounts and offers
    • Earn 50 points just for referring your friends and family to mySCREEN - it's so easy to do!

    Here's how to join:

    Joining myREWARDS is easy and can be done a couple of different ways:

    On Facebook

    1. Visit our Facebook page and click the "myREWARDS" tab
    2. Click the "Sign-up to Join" button
    3. Enter your details
    4. Click the "Join to get $5 off" button

    That's it! you're now part of the mySCREEN family.

    In store

    You can also sign up in store by simply telling one of our friendly team members your Name and email address during the checkout process.

    Checking your points balance and redeeming your rewards

    Checking your points balance and seeing what rewards you've unlocked is easy! Here are a few ways to do that:

    Each reward has a unique code - Simply quote your code with your next purchase to redeem your reward.

    You can even save your coupons in your apple wallet for fast easy access.

  • The new mySCREEN blog is here! logo white lettersWe finally did it - The new mySCREEN blog is LIVE!!

    Over the coming months, we're going to be posting a heap of new original content, everything from tips and tutorials to app reviews, latest smart tech devices and more.

    We also want to hear from you - tell us what you'd like to see - whether it's tutorials on how to setup your device, info on the best productivity apps or reviews on the latest apps - we want to know what you want to know!!

    Let  us know on Facebook or leave a comment here and we'll do our best to bring you the content you ask for.

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