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Report claims Apple may be working on new iPod touch, bringing USB-C to 2019 iPhones


There’s a rumor that we might see a new iPod touch in the coming days. The news first appeared on a Japanese blog named Mac Otakara. According to them, Apple is working on a 7th generation iPod touch behind closed doors.

The iPod product line was discontinued for a long time. It was 2015 when Apple updated their iPod touch for the last time. Thus, most of us thought that Apple might not release another one in the future. However, if you were still hoping for another iPod touch then your time might have come at last.

It is believed that Apple will improve almost everything on its new device. For instance, it is being said that the new iPod touch might come with a 12 MP camera, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC etc. Also, it can come packed with an A 12 Bionic chip. As the last iPod touch has 128 GB storage, this time the storage also might be upgraded to 256 GB in this new iPod touch. There should also be numerous color options to choose from. However, still, these are just rumors and speculations. So, we have to wait until the official announcement.

Mac Otakara also claimed that Apple might be turning to USB-C for its new iPhones. The lighting cable is in the game for about 6 years. And, nowadays almost every new gadgets come with a USB-C port. So, it is just a matter of time that Apple starts to replace the lightning cable with USB-C.

What’s the benefit of USB-C? There are myriad of benefits of using USB-C on any device. First of all, it is so powerful and universal. It can handle more power so that your iPhone will charge faster than ever. Moreover, a USB-C is also capable of connecting data accessories and even displays at once which is not possible with the lighting connector. For your information, a USB-C can be used to connect to an external display up to 5K resolution. That is indeed a better option than a lightning connector.

This is not the first time that Apple is shifting towards using USB-C. Apple used USB-C on its iPad Pro, latest MacBooks, and Macs as well. They have also brought a USB-C charging adapter in the market a while ago. So, we hope that Apple will go with USB-C on all of its newer iPhones and iPads in the near future.

So, are you excited about a new iPod touch or the inclusion of the USB-C port on the new iPhones? Let us know what you think about this speculations. Do you think that these are turning out to be true?

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