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Why you should (and shouldn’t) buy a phone from BLU


BLU is a manufacturer of affordable Android smartphones. If you have been researching affordable smartphones then you would already know about them. However, if you are not familiar with BLU, don't panic. We will introduce you to it shortly. Besides that, we will also share our opinion on why you should (and shouldn’t) buy a BLU phone.


What is BLU?

BLU stands for ‘Bold Like Us’. This is a Miami based smartphone manufacturer company. It was founded in 2009. They are not your typical phone manufacturer. Rather, they focus on making budget-friendly smartphones. They have a wide variety of Android smartphones on their collection. And, they have been selling quite a lot of devices as well, recently. However, they haven’t been able to establish them as a prominent brand yet. On the contrary, they have picked up some bad reputations here and there.

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the issues regarding BLU. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy a BLU phone.


Issues with BLU:

  • Amazon actually suspended the sale of BLU phones on its site for a week back in August 2017. Although the real reason behind this is still unknown it is almost certain that it was over data collection and privacy concerns. Amazon suspected that BLU phones come with spyware/malware, which were used to steal users’ data. That is why they have halted the sale of BLU.
  • Even before that in 2016, Kryptowire (a security firm) found out that some of the pre-loaded apps on the BLU phones came with a backdoor,  which sent user data to Chinese servers by collecting them from the user's smartphones’. Later, BLU told that they have destroyed the collected data. However, you know that doesn’t actually make sense, right?
  • Again in November 2017, BLU released a system update on their BLU Life One X2 phones. However, that update was full of bugs. Thus, a lot of BLU Life One X2 phone owners were locked out of their phones. BLU took over a week to fix this issue. That actually embarrassing, to say the least.

These incidents clearly imply that BLU shouldn’t be trusted. However, since then BLU has been performing better. There were no complaints against them at all. Now, let’s see why you should get BLU phones.


Budget-Friendly Android Smartphone:

  • If you are searching for a cheap and budget-friendly Android smartphone then BLU can be a great option. Almost all of their smartphones are very reasonably priced. For instance, you can have the BLU VIVO XL4 for just $150. It comes with a 4,000 mAh battery, 6.2 inches notched display, 13 MP camera, and 3 GB RAM etc. If you compare the specifications of this phone then it clearly beats Samsung Galaxy S8 and Moto G6.

Other than this, we couldn’t find a better reason to recommend BLU phones to you. So, if you need an affordable Android smartphone and can trust BLU then you can go with them. But, if you are concerned about your privacy then we would urge you to avoid BLU at any cost.

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