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Best Google Account Apps

When you look across the spectrum of email companies, there really isn’t that much unique to offer. (10,000 free AOL hours, anyone? Am I the only person that remembers that?) Google, on the other hand, has plenty available when you sign up for Gmail. When you sign up for a Google account, you get instant access to a large number of Google’s useful apps. Many of these are already included in a suite of apps on your Android device. So if you’re still using, it might be time to upgrade to Google accounts. Here are a few of my favorite apps Google has to offer for Android devices.



GMail (Obviously)

Okay, this one’s a pretty obvious choice. But let’s be honest. It’s a great email service. It’s got a sleek but customizable appearance, plenty of storage, and a great organization feature. Additionally, it has amazing filters when it comes to junk mail. Which means you won’t have to see three “special offer” emails every day just because you signed up for a rewards card at a frozen yogurt stand.



Google Maps

Have you ever watched an older movie where somebody is trying to navigate with a little paper map? What a dark time in our history. I personally just wouldn’t have left the house. Thankfully, I live in a time where Google Maps is easily integrated with my account. While it has all the basic features such as general mapping and GPS, it’s the memory that is Google Maps’ best feature. Because it’s attached to my Google account, the app remembers all the locations I’ve previously searched. Which means I won’t have to embarrassingly ask my parents what their address is for the 50th time.



Google Drive

Before I discovered Google Drive, my home computer was a mess. I would save a document to the desktop, forget about it, and let them all pile up. I was a document hoarder, a danger to myself. But since adopting the wonderful tool of Google Drive, I’ve become a master of organization. The only drawback to the app is you will also need the Docs application in order to edit documents on your Android device. However, that’s a pretty small price to pay. Sure, I’m still a slob in real life, but my Drive has made my collection of documents clean and organized. And if you saw my room, you’d know it’s a miracle that any aspect of my life is in order.




The days of Youtube being the highway to nothing but cat videos and “fail” videos are long gone. It is now a wonderful void where you can get caught up for hours. Well, more so than before. Thankfully, having a Google account, you can subscribe to all your favorite content creators to keep up with their newest uploads. Plus, it saves your past searches and history if you need to rewatch something. So if you need to watch a tutorial every time you tie a tie, it’s got you covered. Not that I know that feeling from experience or anything.


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