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Google Play Music All Access

Remember the last time you saw a CD? It’s probably been awhile, huh? There’s a reason for that. The wonderful world of streaming meant we didn't have to see those shiny little donuts anymore. (How poetic!) But what service should you choose? Many go with Spotify, the most popular service and sworn enemy of Taylor Swift.

However, Google has decided to throw their hat in the ring and show they can do it better, like they have with so many other things. (Writer’s Note: This is not a direct advertisement for Google. Unless they want to send me money.) Do they succeed? Well, I won’t give it away now. Cause then you won’t read the article,



So Much Music

There is a crazy amount of music available to stream and download. Even some of the more obscure artists I searched for were there. (Don’t know who The Dollyrots are? Apparently Google Play All Access does. And they’re pretty obscure.)

You also get all the benefits you’d expect from any other streaming service, such as the ability to make playlists. So there’s no need to burn that breakup playlist you made when you were 16 to your computer.



It’s Ad Free

As much as I love listening to that car insurance ad for the 300th time, sometimes it feels good to get away from ads for a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love knowing what I should be buying. But it can feel nice to listen to a full album interruption-free.



YouTube Red

If you only use Youtube once every couple months to watch that delightful video of the cat playing keyboards, I understand. But if, like me, you use it to watch many content creators and clips from late night shows, Youtube Red is a big deal. And it comes included with All Access!

Basically, like the rest of Google Play’s All Access, it gets rid of all the ads. You can also download videos if you’d like. If you wanted to watch a video later on the bus, you can download the video and watch it later. Just wear headphones. Don’t be that one guy.



It’s Not Expensive

When I think of the amount of money I spent on CDs in the pre-streaming era, I get a bit teary eyed. That’s because, for the price of just one album, you can stream all you want for a month. That’s pretty crazy when you think of all that’s available to you.

Considering it’s only $10, I’d say it’s worth skipping all the ads and being in the driver's seat for all the music you want. I mean, I spend much more than that on vodka each month. (Oh wait, my Mom might be reading this.) I spend much more on charitable organizations each month.

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