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How to Have Live Photo Wallpapers on Your iPhone with Wally Papes

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Technology is a beautiful thing. We’re able to do just about anything just with these slabs of metal and circuitry that we carry around with us in our pockets, from staying in touch with our friends around the world to getting actual work done. In fact, our devices are so feature packed, we’re willing to bet that you’re most likely looking at your phone for hours on end as you go about your busy life.


Since we’re all on our phones for a considerable length of time throughout the day, it’s also perfectly understandable that you would want your phone to represent your individuality — an oasis of ‘you’ in the otherwise uniform piece of tech that is your smartphone.


While Apple has allowed you to set personal wallpapers — including animated photos — for quite some time now, one striking omission that Cupertino hasn’t yet addressed is the fact that you have not been able to use ‘live photos’, the 3 second animated photos that you can take with your iPhone, as your wallpaper just yet.


That’s where Wally Papes comes in. This ingenious app was created by an avid nature photographer named ‘Gorum’. As an actual photographer, Gorum realized that our phone wallpapers are oftentimes missing the beauty and individuality that he’s used to capturing when he’s behind the lens. You can consider that the catalyst that propelled him to create Wally Papes, an app which provides you direct access to a live photo gallery where there’s a curated list of images that you can choose from. In case you were wondering, all images available on the Wally Page app have been taken by Gorum, meaning that you can be certain that they’re of the upmost quality and have real artistic merit. No stock photography here.


What Do You Need to Download This App?

Before you download this app, you’ll want to double check a couple things. This app is only supported on devices with 3D Touch. If you’re device doesn’t have 3D Touch, you’ll still be able to download the app but you’ll only be able to download static images.


Ideally, you’ll want to use Wally Papes on an iPhone 7, 7 Plus or iPad Pro in order to ensure that you won’t be running into any hiccups along the way.


How Do You Get Wally Papes?

It’s really quite simple. You’ll want to go into you Apple Store and search for Wally Papes. Once you found it, tap on download in order to download the app. Once you’ve done so, you’ll want to download and set a live photo onto either your lock or home screen. Follow the instructions below:


Before choosing a live photo wallpaper, make sure that your Low Power Mode on your phone is turned off. Then, enter into the app, where you’ll be selecting your wallpaper. Once in the Wally Papes app, go to settings and select ‘Wallpaper’. There, you’ll be able to select the wallpaper you’d like on your lock or home screen. Select the desired wallpaper. Once completed, go to either your home or lock screen and 3D Touch it. Your wallpaper should appear and you’ve successfully completed the process!


Now that you know about Wally Papes, it’s time for you to download the app and give it a try. You’ll be able to customize your lock and home screen with one of these original and beautifully photographed live photos. With the collection of images expanding every day, you’ll be certain to find one that you like!

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