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Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man does things we all want to be able to do. He eats nonstop without gaining a pound, he’s been popular for over 30 years, he’s in Super Smash Bros. Every guy wants to be him, every gal wants to be his.

OK, I’m getting a bit off track here.

The point is, Pac-Man is wonderful and it’s high time we got the opportunity to help him eat pellets whenever possible. Well now, with the help of Pac-Man 256, you can fulfill that dream. The game, available for free on Android devices, was released this year. With some help from a familiar developer, does the game make us forget the old way of Pac-Manning? (Note to self: is Pac-Manning a word? Please check before sending.) Let’s find out.



Cool Graphics

With blockly, retro graphics, this game is charming right off the bat. Does the aesthetic look vaguely familiar? That’s because the game was also worked on by Crossy Road developers Hipster Whale. (I really did my homework on this article!)

These old-timey graphics really fit the world of Pac Man. It’s almost like he jumped out of his arcade cabinet and came to life. (Isn’t that the plot of an Adam Sandler movie?) It keeps the old looks while also remaining fresh.

However, perhaps you’re scared of change. Maybe you’ve had the same look since the 80’s and want Pac Man to be the same. Well dry those tears and hitch up your parachute pants because you’re in luck! There’s the option to switch back to the graphics of the classic game. The only drawback is it does cost money. (Gasp!) However, it’s really not that much and gives the game a clean, somehow more retro, look.



Endless PacMan

If you’re looking for a classic Pac-Man experience, you’ll have to go to your local arcade with a handful of coins. (Or get the other Pac-Man apps. Either way.) Pac-Man 256 breaks down the barriers of the classic game to give it a more endless experience. With a lot more ghosts. Think a really long Stephen King novel.

While I enjoy the classic game, I definitely had a lot of fun playing around with 256. It kept all the essentials of the old version but with a new flare. Like Van Halen with Sammy Hagar. (Please don't send hate mail over that)



So if you’re looking for a fun, simple way to kill some time while waiting in line for Star Wars tickets, Pac-Man 256 is the perfect Android game for you.

It’s worth downloading just for the funky remix of Pac-Man’s theme song.

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