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The Best Email Apps on iOS

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The default ‘Mail’ app is not that bad. It has some awesome features. Even then, it has its drawbacks. Thus, it is clear that you might want to use any other third-party email apps on your iOS devices.

Now, there is a huge collection of email apps in the App Store. As a result, it has become a hectic thing to pick out the perfect email app for you. So in this article, we will talk about some of the most popular and feature-rich email apps out there.

So, let’s get started…


  • Polymail:

This is a unique mail app. This is a good option if you want to track who is viewing your emails. However, you can also use it as your default email app. This is a free app available for iOS. There are a lot of useful features such as read later, quick tags, and read receipts etc.

Besides that, you can use the reminder feature to follow up on any emails that the receiver has read but not yet responded to. It also has a calendar invite feature, one-click unsubscribe, attachment tracking features. With the help of the racking feature, you can track if the receiver on the other end has read your email or not. This can come in handy in many circumstances.


  • Airmail:

Airmail is another simple mail app available for iOS. But this is not a free app. You need to pay $ 4.99 for this app. The developer of Airmail focused on minimalism. Thus, you will have a unified inbox tab named ‘All Inboxes’ where you can access all of your emails. If you want to find specific contents like the attachments, snoozed emails, and to-do list, you can swipe from the left of the screen to bring out the shortcut buttons to these folders.

Airmail is popular because of its compatibility. It is a cross-platform app, and also it is compatible with a wide variety of other apps and services. So, if you want to integrate the specific apps you already use with the default iOS Mail app, you can do that with ease.


  • Spike:

Spike was known as Hop. It is a conversation based mail app which focuses on turning emailing into more of a message like conversations. Thus the inbox tab is chat-themed. Normally, you won’t find the email headers and the signatures on the inbox. Rather, it will show you the emails that were sent by people first instead of showing the newsletter and promotion related emails. It also has a unified inbox. It is a free app.


  • Edison Mail:

This email has become a popular app in the App Store recently. There are a number of reasons behind its popularity. First of all, it is a free app. Next, it has some cool features like customizable swipe settings, personal assistant, integrations with several iOS apps.

For instance, it easily integrates with the Face ID that means you can lock this app with your Face ID. So, nobody other than you can’t access your emails. The personal assistant helps the user by sorting emails by different kinds of filters. This app also can send you notifications about upcoming flights. It has a nice user-friendly user interface. So, you won’t have to be a professional to get along with this app.


  • Spark:

Another free but advanced email app for iOS. It also comes with a smart inbox. It can sort the newsletters, promotions, and spams without any problem. Then it will hide them in particular folders for later use. Instead, it will prioritize the most important emails first. We liked the search function of Spark the most. It is very powerful, it can search emails with ease and in no time at all. We would recommend this app if you want a faster operation.


  • Outlook:

This one doesn’t need any introduction, actually. It is one of the most popular email apps on the App Store. This app has almost everything you want on an email app. This is the ideal mail app for any iOS user. It can easily defeat the default Mail app of iOS in terms of features and the ease of use.


Wrapping it up:

All of the apps we have mentioned above has good features. However, it depends entirely on you and your preference to pick the best one for you. If you are not sure about your choice, you should use all of these apps at least for once to get an idea about each of these. That way it will be easier to make a decision.

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