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The best world clock widgets for iPhone


The default Clock app on your iPhone is good. But, there are other advanced clock apps out there too. These apps come with a whole lot more features than the default one. So, we have made a list of some of the best clock apps n today’s post.

So, let’s take a look now…


Time Intersect – World Time:

This is one of the best clock apps on the App Store. This app comes with a lot of features. For example, it has light, night and dark theme option. Also, it has numerous widget styles and functions.


Additional Features:

  • You can add notes to this app
  • You can move forward in time just by swiping on the widget
  • You can convert the currency of any location from within the app
  • You can set the time of any specific locations on the app and you can also view the map of that location from the app. It can be useful if you need to find hotels, restaurants etc.

You can get this app for free from the App Store. However, you can add more premium features on the app if you purchase the Pro Version.


World Clock (from

Usually, this app lets you choose two cities of your choice for the widget. However, if you want to add unlimited cities to the widget, you have to purchase the pro version of the app.


Additional Features:

  • It comes with all the standard settings that a clock app should have such as 12/24 hr. clock, enabling your location, type of clocks etc.
  • You can use certain filters to sort the cities
  • You can view the map, coordinates, time intervals, sunrise/sunset time, city information and more

You can buy the pro version of the app to remove the in-app ads.


World Clock Today Widget:

This is another good app with which you can add multiple clocks for free. It also comes with a number of awesome features. For example:


Additional Features:

  • You can rename the locations on the clock
  • You can sort the clocks by name, by time according to your preference
  • Usually, 2 clocks will be visible on the widget. But you can always see more of the clocks by taping on the ‘Show More’ button

This app is also free on the app store. However, you can purchase the premium version to remove the ads.


How to add widget on your iPhone?

  • Swipe left to access the Today screen
  • Now scroll down and tap on the ‘Edit’ option from the bottom
  • Next, find the app of which you want to add the widget and tap on the ‘+’/plus sign to add it to the active widgets
  • You can also move the widgets up and down by dragging and dropping them from one spot to another
  • Lastly, tap on the ‘Done’ button to save the new settings


Final Words:

There are a lot of other clock apps which offers a widget feature. You can obviously use any one of those. However, the aforementioned apps are also good options. You can try them if you want to.

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