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Google Pixel 3a XL Review- The Best Camera Gets Cheaper

Google has priced its Pixel 3 XL at about $800. Frankly, it is quite a lot. So even if you like it you might not go for it because of that price tag. Lucky for you, Google has just announced and released a new Pixel phone. And that is very much affordable compared to its […]

Why you should (and shouldn’t) buy a phone from BLU

BLU is a manufacturer of affordable Android smartphones. If you have been researching affordable smartphones then you would already know about them. However, if you are not familiar with BLU, don’t panic. We will introduce you to it shortly. Besides that, we will also share our opinion on why you should (and shouldn’t) buy a […]

Should you buy the Google Pixel 3?

Google Pixel 3 was released back in November 2018. It is one of the most celebrated flagships from Google in recent days. This device comes with a lot of great features. And, with all the great features it was priced at about $790. Now, the ultimate question is whether you should buy it or not. […]

iPhone 7 Is Coming!

iPhone 7 Is Coming! It’s official. The day has come. The day the ancients prophesied: the dawn of the iPhone 7. And 7 Plus. What could this mean? Is the world of mobile technology about to be totally turned on its head, leading to a total revolution? Nahh, probably not. But it should still be […]


We’ve been busy little bee’s at mySCREEN working on a little secret undercover project – myREWARDS. myREWARDS is our way of saying thanking for choosing mySCREEN – and showing you our appreciation by giving something back. Here are just a few of the exciting REWARDS you can earn by simply choosing mySCREEN: $5 off your […]

The new mySCREEN blog is here!

We finally did it – The new mySCREEN blog is LIVE!! Over the coming months, we’re going to be posting a heap of new original content, everything from tips and tutorials to app reviews, latest smart tech devices and more. We also want to hear from you – tell us what you’d like to see – […]

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