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Google Pixel 3a XL Review- The Best Camera Gets Cheaper

Google has priced its Pixel 3 XL at about $800. Frankly, it is quite a lot. So even if you like it you might not go for it because of that price tag. Lucky for you, Google has just announced and released a new Pixel phone. And that is very much affordable compared to its […]

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review

In February 2019, Samsung has announced its latest flagship smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S10 series was released all over the world in March 2019. For smartphone enthusiasts, this is a great opportunity to analyze, scrutinize another best-in-class smartphone. And, we couldn’t lose this opportunity. So, in this post, we will be reviewing the 10th edition […]

Should you buy the Google Pixel 3?

Google Pixel 3 was released back in November 2018. It is one of the most celebrated flagships from Google in recent days. This device comes with a lot of great features. And, with all the great features it was priced at about $790. Now, the ultimate question is whether you should buy it or not. […]

Apple’s iOS 12.1.4 Update to Fix FaceTime Eavesdropping Bug

Recently, a devastating bug was discovered on Apple’s FaceTime app. It was the talk of the town for more than a couple of days. However, fortunately, the bug was fixed on the latest update of the iOS. Let’s know more about this bug. For definite security reasons, we wouldn’t share the steps to initiate the […]

Android O Rumors

The technological world is buzzing with the new release of the Android O which is just around the corner. Yet, there’s been no news about its release, keeping the Android O a mystery to the Android community. Now, Android’s SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer has commented here and there about the name, however, he hasn’t leaked out […]

What’s New in iOS 11

Apple fan? Then you probably already know that iOS 11 was announced by Tim Cook recently at WWDC 2017. With a breadth of new features, it’s sometimes a bit overwhelming when a new version of iOS comes out. After all, the days of marquee features like copy and paste are now long gone. In its […]

Top 7 iPhone 8 Rumors

Another year, another iPhone. If Apple decides to follow the pattern they’ve established over the past couple of years, then we’ll probably get to see a new phone sometime this Autumn. With a new iPhone just around the corner, you’re probably wondering what features the iPhone 8* could possibly boast over the previous models. Furthermore, […]

Siri Getting A Voice Upgrade

Siri Getting A Voice Upgrade We all love using Siri as much as possible. From setting alarms to asking it to Google something for us, it feels great to have a digital assistant. Plus asking it for help means we won’t have to put in the extra ten seconds it would take to look something […]

Panorama Mode Now On Windows10 Mobile

Panorama Mode Now On Windows 10 Mobile One of the greatest things that smartphones every replaced is cameras. I still remember the dark days of people having to bring their digital cameras everywhere, upload the photos onto their computers, and tag everyone on the popular social media of the time. You’d have to wait weeks […]

How Did Angry Birds Get So Big

I feel like being an adult and seeing the insane amount of Angry Birds merchandise flowing through stores in recent years must be what my parents felt when Power Rangers came out. All of a sudden, there’s an extremely large amount of Angry Birds merchandise spilling out. And, as somebody that had a non-smartphone (dumbphone?) […]

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