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Dailymotion Windows Review

Dailymotion Windows Review I’ve long wondered why YouTube doesn’t have some real competition. You’d think, considering how many internet companies there are, that somebody would pose a challenge to the online video giant. However, as it stands, when you ask somebody about their favorite place to watch cat videos and clips from famous movies that […]

Subway Surfers Windows Review

Subway Surfers Windows Review Every time you look through an app store, it seems like a lot of the same old familiar faces pop up. You see all the classics such as Spotify, Angry Birds, and Snapchat. However, there’s one app that I’ve almost always seen in those lists that I’ve never bothered to try. […]

Coloring Book Windows Review

Coloring Book Windows Review I’ve written before about the recent trend of coloring books for adults getting more and more popular. So I won’t give you the whole preamble on the reimagined app versions of the activity of coloring in app form gaining more and more popularity. Hmm I guess I pretty much just gave […]

More Weird Windows Paid Apps

More Weird Windows Paid Apps I’ve already done a spotlight on some strange Windows Store apps that, strangely enough, actually cost money. However, is it possible there’s even more weird apps available on the Windows Store that you have to pay for? Considering the large number of weird Windows apps I’ve already spotlighted, I’d say […]

Marble Maze Windows Review

Marble Maze Windows Review Sometimes it can be refreshing to try an entirely new game. Something that doesn’t have the word Candy Crush or Angry Birds in it. However, it can also be a bit of a risk. You see, when you try out something with an established name, you’ve got some expectations in terms […]

How To Use Beauty + Camera (Windows)

How To Use Beauty + Camera (Windows) It’s not always easy finding apps to review for Windows Phones. Between all the strangely titled cut and pastes of classic video games and apps that won’t even open, there’s a lot of strangeness to go through. However, one type of app has been fairly consistent on the […]

Flixster Windows Review

Flixster Windows Review Movies are an incredible thing. They prove that, with a ton of money and some simple ideas, you can create some pretty entertaining content. However, I’m not very good at actually making it to the theatre. Maybe it’s because I just never had an app that showed me theatre times and locations. […]

2048! Windows Review

2048! Windows Review I can openly admit that I’ve never been all that good with numbers. Dating back to my early days of doing simple math problems at school, the world of plus signs, minus signs and…other numbery things has never really appealed to me. But what if they tried to make math fun? Well, […]

Crossy Heroes Windows Review

Crossy Heroes Windows Review Ever since the release of Crossy Road, it seems like everyone wants to create their own version of the game. By which I mean completely ripping off the art style and name. This has led to numerous knockoffs that try to play and look like Crossy Road without all the wonderful […]

Weird “New + Rising Apps” For Windows Phones

Weird “New + Rising Apps” For Windows Phones I’ve chronicled time and time again how Windows Phone has some, to put it lightly, strange apps available. From apps that are literal copy/pastes of already released Pokemon titles to games about rampaging grandmothers, there’s no shortness of oddities on the old Windows Store. However, something I’ve […]

Bottle Flip 2016 Windows Review

Bottle Flip 2016 Windows Review   There’s definitely a big difference in the amount of content included in the many mobile games that are available. Some games are pretty simple, offering a more arcade style experience. Others are more complex, with the bigger world of an RPG. And others are much, much more simpler. And more […]

What’s With The 250k Games On Windows Phones?

What’s With The 250k Games On Windows Phones? I’ve been reviewing games for quite some time now. And, in my time, I’ve seen plenty of different trends. However, one I’ve recently seen in particular is a large number of games with the number/letter of “250k” in front of the title. Is there a particular theme […]

Apps Missing From The Windows Store

Apps Missing From The Windows Store I’ve written many articles about how Windows Phones have missed the boat when it comes to certain big name apps. However, I’ve never actually compiled a list of essential apps that are missing from the mobile devices. Well, first off, I apologize. I owed it to you guys. I […]

PacMaze Windows Review

PacMaze Windows Review A prevalent theme in my app reviews has been finding and calling out ripoffs. Perhaps it’s because I want justice for the hard working developers who are having their games plagiarized. Perhaps I am a fighter for virtue, wanting to always strive to battle wrongdoing in any form. Or perhaps it’s because […]

Weird Ripoffs On The Windows Store

Weird Ripoffs On The Windows Store I’ve been reviewing apps for quite some time now. And it really has given me a new view into the world of what’s popular and what’s not. I’ve seen apps like Vine jump around in popularity, and I’ve seen big names like Facebook continue to dominate the online world. […]

Banana Island Windows Review

Banana Island Windows Review In the large world of video games, monkeys have always been a consistent main character. There’s Donkey Kong, the monkey from Super Monkey Ball, and…uhhh.. OK that’s pretty much it. But why is that? Is it because they’re so easy to animate and extremely adorable? I’d say so, yes. But we’re […]

Twitter Windows Review

Twitter Windows Review I still remember when Twitter was just getting big. It was some competition in the news with Ashton Kutcher to see who could get the most followers. Simpler times. However, Twitter has now grown into this massively popular social media site, rivaling the big names of Facebook and…uhhh we’ll just say Facebook […]

Super Rabbit Run Windows Review

Super Rabbit Run Windows Review In case you haven’t heard yet, Super Mario Run is coming soon to iOS devices. This is bigtime news, as it essentially opens up the gate for tons of our favorite nostalgic characters to make their way onto mobile devices. However, no announcements have been made yet when it comes […]

Pixel Pokemon Windows Review

Pixel Pokemon Windows Review It’s been quite a while since I’ve reviewed a game for the Windows Phone platform. My memories of Windows Phone games are, well, a bit mixed. You see, while I’m sure there are plenty of great games available on the platform there’s also, well, lots of strange ones. Many were straight […]

How To Use PhotoMagic (Windows)

How To Use PhotoMagic (Windows) We live in a pretty photo-centric world. Everywhere you look, people are taking pictures of their food, themselves, clouds that look like things, pretty much anything. So it’s no surprise that photo editing apps have become all the rage. I mean, why even take a photo if you can’t throw […]

Netflix Windows Review

Netflix Windows Review Netflix is one of those things where the name is synonymous with something. Like how when you search something online you generally say you Google it. Well, people may have used to say Ask Jeeves it. But I don’t think they exist anymore. Sorry, Ask Jeeves fans. I’m getting a bit off […]

Hulu Plus Windows Review

Hulu Plus Windows Review We live in a world of streaming. Gone are the dark days of waiting all day for your show to come on or videotape it. (Wow, I feel old even typing that.) One of the main names of video streaming is Hulu, which has made its name as one of the […]

Fun Facts For You Windows Review

Fun Facts For You Windows Review Everybody loves a good fun fact. Whether you hear something that makes you think or just need a way to pass the time, it’s good to get a bit of interesting info. For example, did you know that 91% of people lie regularly? Although, if that’s true, isn’t there […]

How To Use Spark Art (Windows)

How To Use Spark Art (Windows) Art is definitely a fun pastime. There’s nothing like taking some time off and expressing your artistic side. Even if you’re just drawing stick figures with crayons. (Admit it, we all do it.) However, the world of pens and paper can only take you so far. Plus they cost […]

Ice Hop Windows Review

Ice Hop Windows Review I feel like I’ve reviewed an inordinate amount of games involving penguins. There was that one game with the penguins in it. And the other game with the penguins in it. And that other one. The point is, I’ve done a lot of penguin-related reviews. All of this is to say […]

Zedge Windows Review

Zedge Windows Review I still remember the first time I got a cell phone. Two of the things I was most excited for were finding the perfect ringtone and wallpaper. Keep in mind this was the flip phone days when tech was a bit more primitive. You know, before you could answer pretty much any […]

How To Use Voice Notes (Windows)

How To Use Voice Notes (Windows) There have been plenty of things that smartphones have replaced. Everything from mp3 players to flashlights have been made obsolete by our mobile devices. One of the big things replaced by phones is recording devices. No longer shall we require those tape recorders like the one the kid from […]

How To Use Mini Recorder Free (Windows)

How To Use Mini Recorder Free (Windows) I’ve seen my fair share of voice note apps in my day. I suppose that’s just one of the many perks of the app reviewing game. Along with the perk of feeling like you’re on your phone all day with a purpose. But you don’t want to hear […]

Vimeo Windows Review

Vimeo Windows Review When you think of free video streaming apps, what do you think of? And no, I’m not talking about Hulu. I don’t think they have anything for free anymore. Do they? Anyways, this is not about Hulu. What I mean is that most people would usually think of YouTube first. However, Vimeo […]

Kik Windows Review

Kik Windows Review Something that I’ve noticed get more and more popular in the past few years is the non-texting messaging app. Everything from WhatsApp to Facebook messenger offer some pretty interesting alternatives to the old-fashioned way of texting. Well, we’re going to look at one of the big names in texting-but-not-texting today: Kik Messenger. […]

Steps Pedometer Windows Review

Steps Pedometer Windows Review Fitness seems to be all the rage these days. With all the hip new fitness trackers and fancy shoes that have all those individual toes (that look super creepy), everyone’s got their individual way of staying fit. Especially me. Not to brag but I did three push ups yesterday. I can […]

Realalarm Windows Review

Realalarm Windows Review Every  one has an alarm preference when it comes to waking up in the morning. Some people prefer to set only one specific time while the rest of us will battle with the snooze button for most of the morning. Some people prefer airy beautiful alarm sounds while the rest of us need […]

How To Use Sticky Notes (Windows)

How To Use Sticky Notes (Windows)   Note taking apps are a great way to stay productive on the go. Sure, it would be nice to play Angry Birds or Flappy Bird or Bird Birds on your phone while you’re on the bus, but why do that when you could be working? Everyone knows working is […]

How To Use Drum Set Pro (Windows)

How To Use Drum Set Pro (Windows) The drums are easily one of my favorite instruments. They add a great backbone to a song and can really spice up an instrumental section with some handy fills. I still remember my early days of learning drums. And annoying everybody in the house. However, if there was […]

Windows Phone Users Blocked By Google?

Windows Phone Users Blocked By Google? It’s pretty well known that there’s some stiff competition between mobile companies. Between Google’s Android phones, Apple’s iOS devices, and Windows Phones, all three are fighting for the throne in the smartphone business. But is there some foul play going on? Is it possible that these companies battling for […]

How To Use Perfect Recorder Windows

How To Use Perfect Recorder (Windows) Sometimes an app’s name can explain what you’re going to experience pretty well. With Snapchat, you know that you can take individual snaps and chat with your friends. With Angry Birds, you can deduce that there are avian creatures that are distressed. With Facebook, you see a lot of […]

How To Use Photoshop Express Windows

How To Use Photoshop Express (Windows) Photoshop is one of those innovative tools we take for granted. It allows us to take an image and totally refine it to show off the beauty of photo editing. And it allows us to it to edit ourselves into pictures of celebrities to impress your friends. Not that […]

Adventure Story Windows Review

How important is the name of something? Well, pretty important I must say. In the world of games, titles are meant to be informative ways off telling us a little bit about what the game will be about. For example, you can naturally assume that Crossy Road is about, well, crossing roads. And that Candy […]

AE City Jump Windows Review

I think we’ve all had dreams of jumping around from building to building. Maybe not even just jumping, but swinging. Almost as some kind of man….spider. Well, this is not quite the experience you’re looking for. AE City Jump is a game for Windows phones where you kind of get that experience. What does the […]

Skype Leaving Windows Phones

Skype Leaving Windows Phones? Skype is definitely a useful tool. Whether you use it strictly for business calls or just need some fact to face time with a friend, Skype is a great application for communication. (Hey! That rhymed!) However, if you’re a Skype lover using a Windows Phone, I’ve got some potentially bad news. […]

How To Use Evernote Windows

Productivity apps are one of those things that makes you realize phones are for more than taking pictures of your lunch and playing Candy Crush. They can also keep you active and productive while you’re taking a ride on the bus. At least, they can keep you active and productive until you close the apps […]

Is SnapChat Coming To Windows Phones

Is SnapChat Coming To Windows Phones? Something I’ve talked about quite a bit in my articles is the lack of popular apps on the Windows Store. Don’t get me wrong, you can get a good amount of the essentials, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, there is a noticeable lack of some of the major […]

250k Timberman Windows Review

Ahh the life of a lumberjack. Growing a beard, wearing flannel, and harsh, taxing physical labor. OK maybe that last part doesn’t sound too great. But everything else would be fun. Plus those flannels look very comfy. Which would just make me want to nap all day. Anyways, haven’t you ever wanted to live that […]

250k Chefs Burger Windows Review

Who doesn’t love a good burger? I know this is a controversial point of view, but I’d honestly rather have a juicy cheeseburger than a prime cut of steak any day. (Please don’t form an angry mob. I don’t need another one of those.) In fact, I must say a nice double cheeseburger with some […] Windows Review

Recently, I stumbled on and reviewed a game called, a popular app along all formats. The basic premise is that you play online with a group of other players.The game is very much like the mobile classic Snake, but you must outlast those around you by continually surviving and growing. Well, since that game […]

Angry Gran Run Windows Review

Endless runners are a popular genre for good reason. One of the main reasons is that there’s plenty of different chances for worlds to be explored and seen. Everyone from Sonic The Hedgehog to Dora The Explorer can potentially have their own endless runner games. In fact, Sonic The Hedgehog does have one. But I’m […]

Alien Rain Windows Review

Many people ask if I believe in aliens. Well, not really, but just play along. Personally, I believe they do. But they look just like us, talk just like us, and have a society very similar to ours. Except they have gills. That’s pretty much it. Now is there any point to this opening other […]

How To Get Different Browsers On Your Windows Phone

Every time you’ve gotten a new phone, I’m sure you’ve noticed they come with their own distinct internet browser. Generally, with iOS you’ll get Safari, with Android you’ll get Google Chrome, and with Windows you’ll get Explorer. Or Edge. Or whatever you want to call it. But maybe you want to use your own favorite […]

How To Use Shazam Windows

I’m sure you’ve heard of Shazam at this point. And no, I’m not talking about the 1996 movie where Shaquille O’Neal was a genie. That was called Kazam. Get your facts straight. No, Shazam is the application you use to find out which artist is playing on the radio or a party. You know, without […]

Pokemon Go Should Come To Windows Phones

Pokemon Go. It’s the two words you’ve been hearing over and over since the game came out. It’s the game you’ve seen everybody play as they look at their phone while walking down the street. As opposed to all the other apps they used to use while walking down the street. However, the game has […]

Pandora Review Windows

For a long time, Pandora and internet music were pretty much synonymous. This was the time when your only options for music were to go to the store and spend your money, use iTunes and spend your money, or listen to the radio and save your money. At the time, Pandora was the only way […]

No More YouTube App On Windows Phones?

YouTube is a really wonderful website. While many people believe it to be little more than a collection of adorable cat videos, it’s much more than that. It’s only 50% cat videos. The website is actually a plethora of interesting content, from self-made series on the level of actual TV shows to music videos. However, […]

No More YouTube App On Windows Phones?

No More YouTube App On Windows Phones? YouTube is a really wonderful website. While many people believe it to be little more than a collection of adorable cat videos, it’s much more than that. It’s only 50% cat videos. The website is actually a plethora of interesting content, from self-made series on the level of […]

WhatsApp Now On Windows Phones

WhatsApp Now On Windows Phones Once again, I’d like to take a moment to talk about major apps coming to Windows Phones. I’ve spoken in the past about how getting major apps such as Pokemon Go would be very beneficial to Windows in terms of switching over people from Android or iOS. But I won’t […]

Pics Art Windows Review

Photo apps have become immensely popular in the past few years. Perhaps it’s because the cameras on phones, along with photo sharing systems, have grown so much. Or it’s for other reasons. I’m not in the mood for researching app market analytics at the moment. While we all know the major photo applications such as […]

Beer Pong Champion Windows Review

Beer pong is a very strange game. You set up cheap plastic cups, fill them with beer (if you’re a younger reader pretend I said “milk”) and then throw ping pong balls in them. And, if you’re unlucky enough to be playing against somebody that’s good at it, you’ll end up drinking a nice mix […]

Beast Quest Windows Review

Are you ready for an adventure? Do you want to go on a massive quest across plains, icy mountains, and molten volcanoes? Would you like to battle giant beasts such as fire breathing dragons, powerful yetis, and octopus-man hybrids? Then Beast Quest might be right for you! Although I’m not totally sure. Because I didn’t […]

How To Use Vine Windows

How To Use Vine (Windows) It’s easy to forget just how new Vine is. I still remember when it exploded in popularity a few years ago. My siblings and I tried to make our own viral videos that would change the world and make us all internet stars. …Except I believe those videos only have […]

Crackle Windows Review

Streaming television services have gained plenty of popularity over the past few years. Between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, there’s a lot available when it comes to easily watching some Arrested Development (which, I swear, is available on everything). But there’s one huge flaw with all of those services: they cost money. And, if you’re […]

Panorama Mode Now On Windows10 Mobile

Panorama Mode Now On Windows 10 Mobile One of the greatest things that smartphones every replaced is cameras. I still remember the dark days of people having to bring their digital cameras everywhere, upload the photos onto their computers, and tag everyone on the popular social media of the time. You’d have to wait weeks […]

How To Listen To Podcasts On Your Windows Phone

How To Listen To Podcasts On Your Windows Phone I am a huge fan of podcasts. I listen to them whenever possible, be it during a long bus ride or while walking the dog. Or while writing articles about how to listen to podcasts on your Windows phone. (Whoa, that was meta.) If you own […]

My Piano Phone Windows Review

Musical mobile apps are a very fun thing to use. Well, they’re especially fun if you actually know how to play an instrument. However, they’re still pretty enjoyable to mess around with if you’re not a musical prodigy. Plus, didn’t that guy from the Gorillaz record an album totally on his phone using one of […]

Penguin Village Review

What is it that’s so likeable about penguins? Is it their basic adorable appearance? Is it the fact that they generally look huggable? Is it the fact that they know how to dance, as accurately portrayed in the documentary Happy Feet? I’d say yes to all of those. And that’s why we see so many […]

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