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10 actually useful iPhone tips


Do you own an iPhone? Then you should read this article. Because in this post, we have compiled a number of tips and tricks which you can use on your iPhone. If you learn all these tips and tricks, it can come in handy anytime.

So, without wasting more time, let’s begin…


Significantly dim your iPhone screen

You can actually dim the screen of your iPhone below its normal limit. To do that, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Zoom > Zoom Filter > Low Light. In doing so, the low light filter will be enabled.

Thus, you can now turn on or off the low light filter by just triple-pressing the power button on our iPhone. You can also add the shortcut of Low Light filter in the accessibility shortcut menu. To do that go to Settings > Accessibility > Accessibly Shortcut.


Move multiple apps simultaneously

Tap and hold on any app icon which you want to move. In doing so, the jiggle mode will be activated. Now, move the icon so slightly till the ‘X’ in the top left corner of the icon disappears. At that point, you can tap any other app icons to add them to the selection. And lastly, you can move all those icons together at once.


Use Undo function on Apple Calculator

So you have accidentally tapped a random digit while performing an important calculation. And now you have to delete the entire calculation and start over. Don't do that yet. Because you can actually undo the last few steps by just swiping from right to left over the results section of the calculation.


Animoji/Memoji reactions in Messages

You can use your own Animoji or Memoji in the Messages app. When you are in a conversation, simply tap on a Memoji or Animoji and make your desired facial expression. Now, you can drag and drop the newly created character on a message bubble to send it.


Use the Magnifier feature

Go to General > Accessibility > Magnifier to enable this feature. It will help you see smaller things using your camera more clearly and in a bigger size. So, if you are having difficulty to read or see anything tiny like labels, product descriptions or even your prescription, you can use Magnifier.


Custom text alerts

You can set custom text tones or vibrations for any particular contacts. In doing so, you will be able to know who’s texting you without even looking at the phone.


QuickType keyboard shortcuts

You can share your current location with the help of Siri using the QuickType keyboard. If you are using the Messages app on your iPhone to chat with someone and if they want to know your location (current). Siri will provide you with a ‘Current Location’ button on the suggestion section. Sometimes, you would need to type ‘I am at’ and Siri will be triggered by that.

Added to that if anyone asks for someone’s email address or phone number on the Message app, Siri will suggest it on top of the QuickType keyboard (if their information is available on your Contacts).


Invisible notifications

Not every notification are equally important. Rather, there are some useless apps which send notification on a regular basis. You can actually make a few adjustments to make those particular notifications quiet.

When you receive a notification from a useless app, just tap on it. In doing so, you will find an option named ‘Manage’ or ‘Manage Notifications’, you need to tap on that too. From the new options, tap on ‘Deliver Quietly’.

And, from the next time, all the notifications from that particular app will be delivered without any alerts. It will be completely silent, you won’t even receive any banner on your lock screen as well.


Search shortcuts

The Search feature of iOS is very powerful. You can actually search for a contact directly in the search field. You don't need to go to ‘Contacts’ to find a specific person’s contact.

On top of that, you don't need to open Safari to Google. Just use the search field to type your Queries, you will find the shortcut to the relevant apps to the searched term. Also, you can search for any apps and music directly on the Search field.


Multi-keyword search in Photos

The ‘Photos’ app is also another powerful app on your iPhone. It can recognize different scenes, objects, and even people. Thanks to technology! So, you can actually search for a particular image by keywords. For instance, if you have captured some pictures of flowers, you can search by the term ‘Flowers’ in the Photos app. It will then bring out all the photos having flowers on them.

You know what's even crazier? You can search by multiple keywords. That means you can search for pictures with flowers and dogs at once. To do that, you just need to type in the first keyword and select it from the suggestions. Next, you can type in more keywords and select them from the suggestions as well. And, the Photos app will show the relevant results below the search box.


Last Words

These are some cool but useful tips for you. You need to know that, some of these tips are only applicable for devices running on iOS 12. So, if you have an older device with an older iOS version, some of these tricks might not work on your device. However, we would be happy if these help you anyway.

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