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3D Robot Rampage iOS Review

A dystopian wasteland. Bullets exploding zombies. Power-ups and coins. Finally, an experience that combines all three of those things. While also liberally taking from the intellectual property of others. 3D Robot Rampage is the perfect title for this game. It’s 3D. You’re a robot. And you rampage. However, maybe it should also be called 3D Robot Ripoff Rampage (zing!) for reasons I’ll get into later. For now, let’s just take a look at 3D Robot Rampage for iOS.



What Is 3D Robot Rampage?

3D Robot Rampage is an endless runner along the lines of Temple Run. You run nonstop through a post-apocalyptic looking city to jump around hurdles, collect coins, and shoot zombies. That’s right, unlike the nonviolent protagonist of Temple Run, you get a loaded gun. Other power ups include a speed boost and a magnet to get more coins. Oh, you only cared about the gun? OK then.



The Ripoffishness

Something I really need to address is the main character. According to the app’s description, you play the part of Leo the robot. That’s all well and good, but let’s be honest: he’s completely ripped off from Iron Man. And Minecraft. In fact, all the characters just look like clones of Minecraft-like characters. In other words, everything’s got a big, blocky head. And while that looks fine, it makes it seem like they didn’t put much effort into design. Especially with Iron Ma- I mean Leo the robot.



Is It Fun?

I can honestly say I had a pretty good time playing 3D Robot Rampage. It had an interesting spin on the endless runner genre by introducing shooting into the mix. While you only get a set number of bullets, it’ll always be satisfying to shoot a zombie while running at them. However, the game did get a bit stale after awhile. I never thought I’d get tired of shooting zombies and running fast, but there wasn't anything to add to the gameplay. Maybe a boss battle or even switching directions like in Temple Run would spice things up a bit.



The Bottom Line

3D Robot Rampage has many similarities to another iOS game I reviewed recently: Pocket Master. Both games have original, fun styles of gameplay while stealing assets from other companies. While 3D Robot Rampage isn’t quite as blatant as others, they could have put in a little bit of time to make the experience a bit more original. Additionally, throwing in a few more curveballs every once in awhile would make the running a bit more fun. That being said, it’s still my favorite game where Iron Man can shoot a zombie while holding a coin magnet. So far.

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