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8Bit Baseball iOS Review

Playing baseball is one of the world's’ most popular pastimes. Tossing the ball, hitting the ball, passing the ball, running with the ball. Other baseball things. But there is one major thing I’ve never enjoyed about the game: exercising. I wish there was a way to capture the fun of hitting a home run without the dread of physical activity. Well, the answer is finally here. 8 Bit Baseball for iOS devices combines two great things: baseball and retro video games. Is it the perfect baseball experience? There’s no exercise involved, so yes.



The Basics

A pitcher throws the ball and you hit it. That’s it. OK, it does go a bit deeper than that. The pitcher throws a barrage of fastballs and curveballs you must hit using your lightning fast reflexes. Sometimes he throws just one, other times it’s a bunch in a row. Additionally, there are balls you’re supposed to avoid, such as foul balls, skulls and bombs. I’m not an expert on the rules of sports, so I assume that’s how the pros do it.



The Charm

What really makes this retro baseball game fun is the great amount of charm put in. The graphics are clean and appealing. The store is chock full of add-ons, such as new bats, shorts and even heads. And then there’s the pitcher. While rapidly barraging you with baseballs, he also hits you with insult after insult. Making fun of your talent, appearance and even smell, this man exists only to bully you. Not that that reminds me of my little league baseball experience at all…



The Addiction

Once I really got going with 8 Bit Baseball, I found it tough to put down. This addiction goes beyond just the basic gameplay. The more you play, the more you earn coins. The more you earn coins, the more hats and bats and clothes you can buy. The more hats and bats and clothes you own, the closer you are to absolute world domination.



The Conclusion

8Bit Baseball is a greatly addictive experience. While very simple, the game has an appeal that keeps me coming back for a few more swings. Additionally, the game does a great job of motivating you to keep playing. With all the awesome accessories available in the store you’ll want to keep on swinging and get more and more coins. Plus, you’ll just want an excuse to take down that cruel pitcher. Not that this is personal or anything.

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