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Angry Birds Go iOS Review

Another day, another Angry Birds review. If I’m not mistaken, 20% of all games available are Angry Birds in one way or another. Well this time the bird-flinging franchise has tried a new format: kart racing. I recently reviewed Poppy Kart, a surprisingly good Mario Kart ripoff. Is Angry Birds Go! for iOS as good, or ripoff-ish as Poppy Kart? I don’t know. I haven’t written the review yet.



The Gameplay

You race. Whether it’s racing the clock, other disgruntled birds, or your own sense of self, you’ll be constantly racing. In fact, there’s no way to stop racing. The brakes on your mini Angry Bird kart have been cut. Your bird will keep going forward until you finish the race or throw your phone at the wall. The only option you have is to go faster, faster, FASTER. In fact, the only button available is a small speed boost. So you never stop moving. This isn’t exactly a good example of how to drive for younger players. Angry Birds should be more aware of their social responsibility.



The Good

I must admit, the graphics are pretty beautiful. Your little 3D bird looks gorgeous as it blasts through the desert terrain. Everything in the game definitely keeps that cartoony Angry Birds look with a third dimension twist. Also, the overall handling of the racing feels good. The controls are pretty smooth, the races feel close, and it never feels like a cheap knockoff. Also, you begin each race by slingshotting yourself onto the course. Nice touch.



The Bad

Where’s the charm? Where’s the heart? Where’s the soul? There is simply not too much to offer outside of short one-lap races. I didn’t even experience any items outside of the little boost icon which costs crystals. Crystals which cost money. In fact, I noticed this game was the first in the Angry Birds franchise that really tries to get you to open up the old wallet. And I need that wallet for buying things.



The Conclusion

While it looks beautiful, Angry Birds Go! may not keep your attention too easily. Between the nonstop one-lap races and begs for cash, the game lacks the nonstop fun a kart racer should provide. I want my kart racers with some substance, some heart. And, in its current state, Angry Birds Go! simply doesn't cut it. Plus, the Angry Birds have proven they have issues with their temper. This game just puts other drivers at risk for their road rage.

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