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Artisto iOS Review

Artisto iOS Review

There are a ton of photo apps out there. Everything from cropping and basic editing apps to photo filter applications flood pretty much every online store. And there’s a good reason for this: we’re a very photo-centric society. There are people that can’t so much as tie their shoes without snapping an image and sharing it. However, this photo-savvy society has also led to some pretty amazing photography apps. Like the Artisto app for example. Let’s take a look at the Artisto app for iOS devices.


What Is Artisto?

Unlike most photo apps that offer little more than a simple filter or basic editing options, Artisto is kind of like Snapchat mixed with a filtering app. You have many options for Snapchat-like objects that you can edit onto your face, such as sunglasses, hats, and even a fancy moustache. However, it’s the non-Snapchat-ish additions that start to make things very interesting. This is where the real artistry comes from, with filters that add vibrancy and color in ways I haven’t seen a mobile app do. But I’ll gush over it more in the next section.


How Is The App?

At first, I figured Artisto was going to be another run-of-the-mill photography app. However, the app exceeded my expectations on pretty much every front. The more Snapchat-like filters are fun and work quite well. Plus you have the option to create a video or loop. And the artistic filters were very impressive, allowing for some very artistic selfies that I may or may not have already made into my profile picture.


The Bottom Line

Just because we’re slightly oversaturated with image apps doesn’t mean you should ignore applications like Artisto. If I was just scrolling through the App Store, I may have ignored this little app. However, that would have been a big mistake. In fact, I may just consider Artisto my current top photo editing app. Bold statement, I know.

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