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Bear Writer iOS Review

Bear Writer iOS Review

Writing apps are in no short supply on the various mobile app stores. It seems like a simple search will bring up approximately 60,000 different writing apps. Now why is this? Is it because there are so many aspiring writer who wish to ditch their pens and paper for an iPhone? Is it because they’re very easy aps to develop? Is it an artistic cry for help, a mobile way of telling us we should be communicating our artistic vision through the written word? I dunno, maybe. But let’s take a look at Bear Writer for iOS devices anyway.


What Is Bear Writer?

Bear Writer is, as you can most definitely tell from my intro, an app for writing. Although I guess you could tell from the name of the app as well. But why is it Bear Writer? I mean, for Evernote, the logo is an elephant, which makes sense because elephants can remember so many things. So does that mean bears can…write extensive documents? I don’t know, I’m not a zoologist.


How Do You Use It?

Like most writing apps, Bear Writer is very simple to use. After opening up a new document, you can begin typing away on that mystery novel where you’re supposed to believe the butler was a jewel thief when, in fact, it wasn’t the butler at all. It was the maid. (What a twist!) From there, you can easily download/share the document in everything from docx to pdf form by simply hitting the share button. You know, that button that’s the box with the arrow pointing out of it.


The Bottom Line

To be totally honest, Bear Writer doesn’t bring a ton of new stuff to the table. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad app at all. In fact, its simplicity makes it arguably one of the better apps for writing. I suppose I’ve just seen so many writing apps that it’s tough to differentiate them at times. However, I must say, being able to save them as a variety of different document types is a nice touch.

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