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Best iOS 10 Additions

Best iOS 10 Additions

I recently wrote up an article about additions to the iOS 10 update that were…not so useful. It’s not so much that they were entirely useless, I just could never see myself utilizing them. Well, now I’ve decided to flip the switch a bit and show you the MOST useful additions to iOS 10. Is your mind blown yet? Let’s look at the greatest parts of iOS 10 update.


More Ways To Free Up Space

On pretty much any new phone you’ll get, there’s some apps pre-installed that they simply don’t allow you to delete. I think they’re usually called bloatware, but I’m too lazy to look it up right now. However, thanks to the latest iOS update, you can delete those apps you don’t end up using very much like Tips and Find Friends. No offense to the Find Friends app or anything. I’ve just got the number of friends I’m comfortable with.


Updated Messaging

One of the biggest additions to iOS 10 is definitely the updated messaging apps. While the system has definitely improved over time, the latest update shows a great amount of growth. For example, you can write messages in your own handwriting thanks to the new update. And, of course, you can utilize the great number of different stickers now available in messaging. From now on, sending a dancing kitten to your friends is merely a few taps away.


Apple Music Changes

When I did my fully in-depth review of Apple Music a while ago, I was a bit turned off by the overall design. There’s something about it that seemed so lifeless, which is weird in a type of app that should be full of personality. Well, I can honestly say it looks like they updated that spectacularly, with a much sleeker design overall. Additionally, the app now display the lyrics along with the songs. Which is pretty nice for those of us that like to do personal karaoke sessions.

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