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Best iOS Apps To Pass The Time

Best iOS Apps To Pass The Time

Our phones can do some pretty amazing things. From looking up the answer to basically any question you have to even doing much of your work on the go. However, let’s be honest, it’s also very fun and easy to waste time on your device. But that’s by no means a bad thing! Whether you’re sitting on the bus or in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, you’re going to need a way to let the time roll by. Well, here are some of the most essential iOS apps for passing that time.


Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is one of my favorite mobile games not only because its design is filled with charm, but because it’s a fun game that still stimulates your mind.  Additionally, because it has a good amount of categories, you can balance questions you’re not very good at (science for me) with questions you know much more about (entertainment for me).



By now, you pretty much know all about Netflix. The streaming giant has become well known for its great selection of shows, movies, and original series. This makes it not only an essential for your laptop, but for your mobile device as well. This is especially the case because of one of Netflix’s newest features: offline viewing. Simply download shows and movies you’d like to watch later while you’re connected to WiFi and you’re good to go. Sure beats wasting all your mobile data.


Pokemon Go

While the other apps on this list are more for passing time on a car ride or laying around the house, Pokemon Go is a great timewaster for getting out and about. If you’ve been feeling pretty stir crazy and just need to get some fresh air, Pokemon Go is the perfect app that mixes the real world with the video game world. Plus you get to catch cute little monsters. That speaks for itself.

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