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Bushido Bear iOS Review

Sometimes, a catchy name is all you really need to get something to catch my eye. Something like…um…hmmm. Well, something that’s catchy. I’m not a professional catchy name creator, give me a break. But if I was I think I’d be pretty darn good at it. The point is a great name can be just what you need to get noticed. And that’s exactly what Bushido Bear has. Go on, say it. Isn’t that fun to say? Bushido Bear. OK, good. Cause I’m reviewing it now. It’s on iOS devices. Let’s go!



The Basics

Now what exactly is a Bushido Bear? I’m not totally sure, because that would take precious seconds to look up. All I know is the thumbnail for this game was a bear holding samurai swords. After that, I was sold. Obviously that’s all the background you need for this game, so let’s go ahead and move on to Gameplay.



The Gameplay

Bushido Bear offers some of the most original gameplay I’ve seen on a mobile game. The app perfectly using the touch screen to make for a very memorable experience. You must use your finger to swipe around your enemies and attack them. But keep in mind only to swipe AROUND them. It’s vital that you never actually touch the enemies, as that’s an instant Game Over. Which is extremely dramatic in this game. And I must say I love it.



Is It Fun?

Bushido Bear really surprised me with its originality. The swiping gameplay is like nothing I’ve seen on a mobile game before. Beyond that, it’s just plain fun. And challenging, very challenging. You see, it’s not just that you have to avoid your enemies, you also have to avoid arrows. And attacking moles. Which makes more sense in the context of the game. Just trust me. They’re evil moles.



The Bottom Line

While from the outside I didn’t know what to expect from Bushido Bear, I was treated with one of the best action games I’ve played in quite a while. The graphics are very appealing, adding to the many memorable qualities of the game. Everything is very clean and defined, with a very definite art style that I won't forget any time soon. The gameplay is very original, making me surprised I haven’t seen anything quite like it yet. And, come on, it’s a bear holding samurai swords. If that doesn’t have you immediately downloading the game, I’m not sure what will.

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