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Celebrity Shave iOS Review

Have you ever wanted to relive the experience of being a celebrity’s barber? Do you want to shave, primp, and pamper beloved international superstars? Have you ever wanted a game where very little is offered if you’re not willing to spend money? Then Celebrity Shave may just be the game for you. If not, then thank you for your participation in this test of sanity. Let’s take a look at Celebrity Shave for the iOS.



What Is Celebrity Shave?

How can I possibly put this game into words? Well, I suppose I can put it into these words: you shave celebrities. And style their hair. That's it. You initially get your choice of two celebrities, Justin Timberlake and Louis Tomlinson. I’m not sure who the second person is and looking him up would take precious seconds away from my day. And I’m a busy person. There are also many more celebrities available, but I’ll get into that later. Wouldn’t want to spoil everything this early on.



The Gameplay

Where do I begin with the intuitive, complex gameplay of Celebrity Shave? Well I suppose we can start with the basics. You begin by trimming off your celebrity’s beard. Please. come back from the edge of your seat. From there, you can cover your celeb in shaving cream and fully shave them. And no, it doesn’t work on the eyebrows. Trust me, I tried. You then cover your celebrity with bandages to fix all the cuts you just made. That’s right, your celebrity is getting some cuts no matter what. Which I guess is a good thing if you really dislike Justin Timberlake and whoever Louis Tomlinson is.



Is That It?

Yeah. Yeah, that’s it. Well, there is the small detail of unlockable content. Which is most of the game. New celebrities, hair colors and even bandaids will cost you money. So if you really want that robin's egg blue bandage to cover the cut you made on Justin Bieber’s face, you’ll have to open up the old wallet. Frankly I didn’t even know Bieber could grow a beard. (BURN!)



The Bottom Line

If you have disposable amounts of time and money that you’re itching to get rid of, Celebrity Shave is right for you. However, if you think your life can go on without shaving a virtual version of Harry Styles, then run. Run far away. Run until you can’t see an app store for miles. Or just don’t download this game. Either way.

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