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Circle Affinity iOS Review

One of the biggest conversations I’ve heard regarding video games is whether or not they are art. The main argument is that they contain creative work like so many other art forms. And the other argument is…actually I’m not sure what the other argument is. So, are video games art? I don’t know. And I don’t care that much. I just like to play them. But if you’re trying to make the argument that they are art, today’s game might be a great reference. So won’t you take the journey with me and Circle Affinity for iOS devices? Well, good, because I’m reviewing it today.



The Basics

Remember when I was talking about art in the last section? Well, I’m going to keep doing that. The graphical style of Circle Affinity is definitely the most memorable quality of the game. While the colors are kept fairly minimal, the art style is very bold and eye-catching, utilizing shapes and shadows for most of the assets. It’s definitely the type of graphical style I will remember for quite some time. Or until I play another game with interesting graphics. Either way.



The Gameplay

So now that you’ve heard me ramble about art for a bit, you probably want to know how exactly to play this game. Well, so was I. You see, since there’s no tutorial in the game, you’re pretty much left to figure things out for yourself. However, since the game’s only real mechanic is to jump from circle to circle, I suppose there wasn’t really a need for a tutorial. So I guess I pretty much wasted your time with this section, huh?



Is It Fun?

While it isn’t the most complex game in the world, I did have fun playing Circle Affinity. Running around the circle, looking for the entrance to the next circle and avoiding enemies turned out to be quite a good time. It makes a lot more sense if you’ve played it. Trust me. However, I may like the gameplay of Circle Affinity even more due to the great art style. Which you probably want me to stop talking about by now. But it’s my review and I’ll talk about what I want.



The Bottom Line

Circle Affinity is a very interesting game. I’ve played many app games where the art style was the most memorable part of the experience despite the basic gameplay. Many games whose names I’ve forgotten. But the important thing is they had great graphics. Whatever their names are.

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