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ColorTherapy iOS Review

ColorTherapy iOS Review

I always loved coloring books as a kid. They gave me a chance to play around with my crayons and let me flex my artistic muscle a bit. Even if I mostly colored outside of the lines. (Sure, it seems easy as an adult. But those lines were tricky as a youngster.) While I may have enjoyed them in my youth, coloring books have made a tremendous comeback in app form. They’re even become a pretty big hit for adults. Hey, I’m an adult! So let’s take a look at ColorTherapy for iOS devices.


What Is ColorTherapy?  

ColorTherapy is an interesting mixture of your basic coloring book and, well, therapy. I guess that’s how they got the name, isn’t it? The coloring part of the app is done through tapping on different sections of the picture to fill them in with the color of your choice, working very similar to the “paint bucket” found in most photo apps.


How Is The App?

Before I began using the app, I was bit skeptical about the “therapy” part of ColorTherapy. However, after spending some time with the app, I definitely understand what they were going for. You see, there’s something about the mixture of soothing music and tap-coloring away that soothes the soul better than any candles or warm bath ever has. And, as a firm believer in the power of candles and a warm bath, that’s saying something.


The Bottom Line

If you're looking for some nostalgia, a little stress relief, or even just a relaxing way to waste some time on the train, ColorTherapy is an amazing app. After all, it’s easier (and more artistic) than squeezing a stress ball. While the idea of an adult coloring book may not appeal to everyone, this is definitely something you should try out.

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