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Finger Hero iOS Review

Our fingers are greatly underappreciated. They do so much for us! They help us pick up cheeseburgers, they help us scratch ourselves, and they let us spend way too much time on our smartphones. In fact, I’m typing this review using my fingers right now. (Crazy, right?) Now you must be wondering “Who are you and why do you care so much about fingers?” To which I would reply “That’s none of your business and it’s for the sake of sloppily introducing the game I’m reviewing.” Let’s take a look at Finger Hero for iOS devices.



The Basics

Now when I first downloaded Finger Hero for iOS, I really had no idea what to expect. Was the main character going to be a finger? Is your hero named Isaac The Index, where you must battle the evil gloves while they unveil their most deadly weapon yet: that one toy where you get both fingers stuck inside that’s impossible to get out of? OH THE HUMANITY. Well, not actually. For you see, the hero here is your finger. Let me explain.



The Gameplay

All of your gameplay will be done with one finger. Once you touch the screen, a small symbol represents where you are. From there, it’s all about avoiding the obstacles around you. There’s no shortage of colorful traps in your way, and where you are on the screen determines how fast you’ll be going. And if you think you can just blaze forward like Sonic the Hedgehog without a care in the world, you will be mistaken. Trust me, I tried.



Is It Fun?

Finger Hero has a lot of positives going for it. First of all, the entire world is charming. Everything is colorful without being overpowering. Additionally, the little characters that you get to play as are endless. Now, full disclosure, you will have to pay for the extra characters. Wait, don’t leave yet! You may also win them after getting a certain amount of coins. There, did that calm your nerves? In addition to all the charm, the gameplay is innovative and addicting.



The Bottom Line

Finger Hero is a great game that shows all the best parts of smartphone gaming. Using colorful visuals and a very original gameplay style, I could definitely see this becoming a popular iOS game series in the future. With tshirts, toys, and even a full movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio as the finger. Well, maybe not.

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