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FitStar iOS Review

FitStar iOS Review

If nothing else, I am definitely honest when I write these many reviews. I’m honest about the fact that I am a gigantic Pokemon fan and always will be. I’m honest about the fact that I don’t know how to cook. And, above all else, I’m honest about my laziness. Very, very honest. However, I’ve also been reviewing plenty of different fitness apps that might finally turn that around. Is FitStar the answer to my non athletic issues? Let’s find out.


What Is FitStar?

FitStar, as you can tell from the name, is all about getting in shape. There are a number of different workouts that you can use to get moving. However, while many fitness apps will simply throw some images of workouts at you and expect you to do the work yourself, FitStar actually walks you through the many exercises with very well-made videos. Does this work to do the impossible and actually get me off my couch? Well, yes.


How Is The App?

FitStar is easily one of the greatest fitness apps I’ve ever used. Not only does the application put in the extra work to actually show you how to do the many workouts, providing the visual aid actually made working out much easier. And almost nothing makes working out easier.


The Bottom Line

I must say, I was very impressed with FitStar. If I had to give an award for Greatest Fitness App That Worked Really Well That I’ve Used So Far, FitStar would get that trophy. And I would mail it to them. It can’t be easy to make such a comprehensive app, so I really do have to give them kudos on that. Additionally, there are premium and free tiers available, so you’ve got some options when it comes to your workout experience.

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