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Genius iOS Review

Genius iOS Review

What is true genius? Is it merely the idea that an IQ makes you better than those around you? Is it simply a word to divide us, to make us a world battling between brains and brawns? Is it truly a medal that rewards the refined work of the mind? Or is it an app that can give you song lyrics? It’s that one. Let’s take a look at the Genius iOS app.


What Is Genius?

The Genius app for iOS devices does one thing that’s pretty normal and one thing that’s quite interesting. On the one hand, the app gives you lyrics to all your favorite songs. While this is a pretty basic feature, Genius puts an entirely new spin on it by including meanings to some of the different lyrics. Some are simply interpretations while others are taken straight from interviews, making this a great app for finally finding out what the song you sing in the shower is about.


How Is It?

I must say, this is a great concept for an app. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a lyric that sounds like it’s much deeper than I understand, only to never truly understand what the songwriter was trying to say. You know what this means, I can finally know what the writers of “I Wanna Rock” were trying to say. (As it turns out, they wanted to rock.)


The Bottom Line

Overall, I can’t rave enough about this app. It’s a great basic idea that would have been perfect during my edgy, angsty, rebellious years. Although I would have just used it to look up Blink 182 lyrics. Which I suppose I still do. Regardless, whether you simply want to know the words to the song you’re singing along to or want to know it’s true, deep meaning, this is a very useful app.

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