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Google Earth iOS Review

Google Earth iOS Review

I remember when Google   Earth first came out. I was able to zoom in on my house and spin the world around. I also remember pretending I was some ruler of worlds, holding the entire Earth in the palm of my hand. Yeah, I was kind of  weird kid. Anyways, Google Earth was all the rage upon its release. However, that was many years ago. Does it still hold up as an interesting way to view the world, or is it more of a novelty? Let’s take a look at the Google Earth iOS app and find out.


What Is Google Earth?

If you never had the simple pleasure of playing around with Google Earth on your school’s computers when you should have been working like I did, allow me to explain. Google Earth gives you a satellite view of the entire Earth, allowing you to zoom down as close as you’d like. Does this mean you can just see iconic landmarks on the app instead of actually going anywhere? Well, probably not. But it’s still pretty darn cool.


How Is The App?

While I had not used Google Earth in a very long time, I had a feeling it was just going to be more of a fun app to play around than anything that’s actually practical. I admit, I was wrong on that front. By searching any address/landmark you can easily scroll around and check out an overhead image. However, my favorite feature of the app is easily the many little buttons placed around, which can show you public transportation info and even facts about different landmarks in the area.


The Bottom Line

The Google Earth iOS app was a welcome surprise. Since the time that I’ve last used it, they’ve really made it more useful. I could actually see using it as a way to look up info on somewhere to travel. Well, if I ever travelled anywhere.   

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